Aura Cleansing

10 Simple Aura Cleansing Techniques

Aura cleansing is important for our health and well-being. Our Aura is like a big powerful magnet. It attracts all kinds of energies that are around us. It’s not always possible to have positive people and happiness around us and it is important not to let our aura get affected by negative things. It’s not always possible to avoid things that leave negative vibes in our aura. Sometimes we pick negative vibes from the things we don’t notice while we’re working, traveling or simply doing our daily routines. These negative vibes collect and can affect our aura. 

Aura Cleansing Techniques:

  1. If you have a bath tub, fill it with warm water. Add some essential oils that you find most comfortable working with and add some sea salt. Invoke Reiki Symbols that suit the best for you and start your Reiki energy flow. Invoke that the water will clear all the negativity away, cleanse your aura and fill it with bright light. A good thing to do also is light a candle or burn an incense stick is while in the bath tub.
  2. If you don’t have a bath tub add some essential oils and Sea Salt in a bucket. Invoke the desired Reiki symbols and start the Reiki flow with the intentions of removing negativity from your aura. Have a bath with this water and use this variation has a good effect too.
  3. Start drawing Reiki Symbols on a shower head and give Reiki to. State intentions that the water that comes out will remove all the negativity and at the same time cleanse your aura. Visualize that with the water that’s coming out there is also a white light and it’s covering your whole body.
  4. This is a really quick way of cleansing your aura. Draw a Cho Ku Rei on the roof of your mouth and draw it with your tongue. Hold you tongue there and breath deeply through your nose while you’re counting till 5. Exhale through your mouth while counting till 5 again while your lips are slightly pressed together. Repeat this 3 times.
  5. Draw Reiki Symbols on a smudge stick. Hold the stick in your palms and give it Reiki for a few seconds with the intention that the some comes out of it. The smoke that comes out will remove all the negative energy and vibes from your aura. Burn the end of the stick and wait till the flame is out. Move the stick all around your body from head to toe while letting the smoke cleaning your aura.
  6. Draw Reiki symbols on your palms and set the intention of aura cleansing. With your fingers comb through your aura from head to toe. Wherever you’re feeling heaviness in energy devote more attention to that spot.
  7. Soak any flower in a distilled water for a couple of hours. Fill that water in a spray bottle and start charging it with Reiki. Sprinkle it on your client from head to toe while moving clockwise to your client’s front, back and both sides-top to bottom. This will make your client feel extremely refreshed with energy and.
  8. Imagine a gold or a white light that’s covering your aura. Then visualize it passing through your crown and through your feet, taking away all the blockages and the negativity.
  9. Imagine a violet flame that’s in front of you. Step in that flame and let it cleanse your aura. When you feel it’s done removing any negativity from your aura, protect yourself with a Cho Ku Rei Symbol.
  10. Give a Chi-Ball to yourself with the intention to keep your aura clean and your chakras unblocked. The energy from the ball will remove any negativity you might came across.

In all of the above techniques you must have noticed that having a strong intention is the main thing. Cleansing your aura is must. Cleanse your aura regularly to stay healthy and happy.