If you are experiencing headaches, having big troubles sleeping or you felt like your mind won’t stop chatting, then you may have symptoms of crown chakra opening.


The healing process leads to changes of behavioral patterns of a human being. Some obvious changes can be noted of the opening process called Seclusion. One can have different perspective of life and things, a lot different from crowd notion.

A change of friends circle usually happens. Some will go away while others will come. New friendships and relationships could create. There could also be certain changes of the person’s lifestyle such as new interests and hobbies. All this is happening due to a self learning process the person goes through in a bid of self awareness. As the saying goes: “ the more you learn, the less you speak”, some could tend to have less talk or could also engage in small conversation with a certain urge to have quality talks with people.


There is a constant struggle between the negative vibrations/memories/thoughts with human brain during the healing process. There is a struggle to maintain the status quo, a desire to hold onto and reject negative thoughts, the negative ideas and even negative memories because human mind is observed to be in resistance to change. Body reacts as a result and certain symptoms such as headaches could happen.

One might also feel itchy at the top of the head or have some irritating sensation on the neck. Person’s constant thoughts could also lead to brain fatigue which leads overwhelmed brain and eventually massive headaches. But once one has mastered the art of healing process and finally gotten the spiritual connection, all these eventually stops.


A person in the opening process might have some food behavioral changes. The thought process in the brain connects directly to the biological part of the body and reason which can be pointed out is that mind needs to be fed.

The process could also force one to lose his/her appetite and result to certain craving of certain foods. Apparently it could also lead to some thoughts or memories of certain foods or even food events like functions, ceremonies etc.


Normal sleeping cycle can be disrupted by connection and healing process. In some cases one could have different sleeping habits from usual, for example one might tend to start sleeping at two in the middle of the night. Usually number of sleep time reduce from average human beings. A person might also end up end up waking up earlier than average.

The lack of sleeping hours might be a result of discussions, self thoughts and internalization of ideas therefore one not want to sleep that much. A lot of sweat might be produced during sleep and it’s preferably cold sweat.One might tend to sleep as a result of fatigue due to constant thought process and as is known, we get some level of mind and body relaxation as well.