Simple 4 Ways Of Healing Yourself In Sleep

When awake we can heal ourselves in many different ways. We give ourselves Reiki, we work with angels or we meditate in nature. The interesting thing is that we don’t always have to be awake for amazing healing effects. Our logical mind shuts down when we’re sleeping so we are more open and have a powerful ground source of all kinds of healing. Here are some ways of healing yourself in sleep:

  1. Write a letter to the AngelsWhenever you’re in a troublesome situation there is always an option to write a letter to the Angels. Describe your situation and request them to work on you while you sleep so you can have a relaxed mind and a peaceful soul. You can draw symbols of your choice then place the letter under your pillow. Don’t forget to thank the angels and then have a calm mind when you’re drifting into sleep.
  2. Forming a Reiki Cocoon  Before falling asleep, make a request for Reiki to form an energy cocoon around you. If you have strong enough visualization skills imagine yourself resting in that cocoon. Anything that crosses your mind or you’re having trouble with could be healed in this cocoon. So when you start draw symbols of your choice and drift away. When this is done right this method could have a big impact on your other healing methods as it improves your healing powers.
  3. Archangel Healing Archangels are powerful beings that can help us in healing. Before you go to sleep call the Archangels you feel the most connected to and request them in your room through the night. Let them have permission to work on you while you sleep. For example if you’re needing assistance in getting rid of fear and anxiety you should call on Archangel Michael and ask him for healing through the nigh
  4.  Cards With Angels Angel cards can be really useful in the guidance of healing. Do card readings for yourself frequently and then place the cards near your pillow. Draw symbols of your choice over the pillow and go to sleep. The process of healing starts right away and you will feel a warmth radiating through your body.