Reiki Master

Why would you become a Reiki Master?

That was a question I was asking myself for a long period of time. Reiki has been a part of my life for 15 years and it changed the way I live and the way I think.
I spent 11 years in Japan learning more about Reiki and the 5 Reiki Principles.
Mentor I had is a Reiki Master who was one of the last students connected to Mikao Usui.
It was a big risk going into a foreign country without someone who was able to guide me but I found my way through.
Even though me and my Reiki Mentor didn’t speak the same language, Reiki was our mutual connection. He taught me some really valuable lessons in life that I continue to follow to this day.
I will share some of my personal experiences and things I strongly believe Reiki helps with. Here are my 5 reasons why you should become a Reiki Master.


This might sound like a wedding vow, but Reiki is something that follows you in the best and the worst times in your life. Did you ever have a desire to heal someone this way or to make someone happy? Reiki is the way to go.
Reiki Healing is not a substitution for traditional medicine but it is definitely something that can be helpful in treating health issues.
I’ve witnessed hundreds of successful recoveries with this type of healing. My most recent story was a client who was unable to get pregnant.
I’ve been practicing on her for 7 months. She almost gave up and was on the edge of an emotional breakdown.
Few days back I received a call from the hospital and she was crying telling me that a baby is on it’s way!
Did you ever have a desire to heal someone this way or to make someone happy? Reiki is the way to go.
Some recent studies have shown that Reiki is on it’s way to hospitals.
In the distant or near future nurses are going to practice Reiki on patients to reduce pain and suffering. The healing energy promotes relaxation while easing the body of stress and tension.


How does a title of a Reiki Master sound in your head?
The title is a sacred final degree of the Reiki attunements.
After this you’re able to teach others and forward the symbols that Mikao Usui created.
People started to look at me differently when I reached my final degree.
My friends and my family knew about my passion and they respect everything I do.
Specially when I started to help other people reach their confidence too.
Everyone can reach a certain point of confidence where they are certain in their decisions and their life paths.
Successful people are confident and they consider insecurities as a weakness.
If you want to be successful with Reiki you are going to have aspirations towards starting your own business.
Being a Reiki Master/Teacher is not easy, but the feeling you get when you help someone in need is something you can’t describe. When you put your mind to something that you really want, you are going to do it.


Love is a powerful emotion that is deeply connected to Reiki.
Many couples tend to practice Reiki because they can connect over the energy they always had. I can say that in my 15 years of practice I was able to save hundreds of marriages.
And I would even not use the term “save”, I would just say that Reiki was able to connect the spark that was always there.
I had a personal experience with love and Reiki.
One of my clients was blind and was probably the most passionate Reiki student I ever had. She was able to feel my energy and she made sure I knew that every time we practiced.
After some time the romance aspect was there but my business moved me away from the Reiki practice I had with her.
We’re still pretty good friends and she is still my most passionate student I ever had.
Love is an emotion that is connected to friends, animals, family or a partner.
This means we can spread Reiki and love anywhere we feel comfortable.
As you practice Reiki more, you also have a love relationship towards the energy. The connection specially occurs when you start to teach other people as you see other people trust your knowledge and decisions.


This is a powerful topic because it is connected to me personally.
My family wasn’t very supportive with any of my life decisions.
As I grew up I didn’t have much confidence in my decisions because my parents were very judgemental and quick to decide on things that needed to be thought through. I got introduced to Reiki and spiritual work in general online.
I read an article about it and then I decided to do more research.
The internet was not developed as it is now but I managed to find my way into this world. While I was researching Reiki my parents wanted me to become a doctor.
I always wanted to become a psychiatrist and that is the road I decided to take.
I spent a lot of my time learning, doing research and my sacrifice was really big.
When my parents found out what was I doing, as you might assume they were not really supportive of it.
I knew Reiki was the right life path and I was determined to continue with it.
I was really patient with my family and they slowly started to realize that my biggest goal in life is to help people, which is exactly what doctors do.
Doctors also save lives and that is what I’ve done through my years of practice.
When I introduced my parents to Reiki with details they were aware of what I’m doing and our connection became better
I have a stable connection with my parents now and they are supportive of everything I do. They became better people because of my patience and my positive way of life. My family also admires the fact that I’m a Reiki Master and I help people in a meaningful way.


Through Reiki I have learned that material things are not important.
By practicing Reiki and leading a positive way of life you will start surrounding yourself with like minded people who will have a great impact on your mindset.
This means you are going to attract life opportunities that can lead you into having better finances.
The more you give to Reiki, the more you will receive from it. That was definitely my experience with the energy. I give 50% of my income to charity because I truly believe in greater good and helping the ones in need.

Because of all things I mentioned I’ve started a program called “Reiki Mastery” that is online. It’s a Reiki course which now counts over 70 students in just 3 months. Reiki Mastery is an amazing opportunity to learn the principles of Reiki and become a certified Reiki Master.

My mission is simple, I want everybody to be able to learn Reiki and get certified. I want to give everyone an opportunity so they can spread the knowledge, heal themselves and others.
My first encounter with Reiki was online and it is the reason I’m here today. With all the knowledge I received I knew this was the right decision because the people I’ve met through this course are the people I can call my friends!

But remember, none of these people would be here today as they are – complete and satisfied, if they haven’t contacted or approached me first.
Take action, take the first step.
I am here for you! I can’t be the wheel you ride on but most certainly I am a pushing stone.
So, my dear friend, send that message to my personal facebook page ( or send that email (

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