Cleansing Crystals

6 Ways of Cleansing Crystals After a Reiki Session

There are many different techniques that can be used for cleansing crystals before or after Reiki sessions. For a successful healing session that involves crystals, it is important to cleanse your crystals so they are more energized and filled with powerful energy. Crystals are a big part of Reiki and although it is not obligated to use them, they are extremely helpful in the process of healing. Crystals come with their own powerful vibrations and they always assist in healing with the Reiki energy. Make sure your crystals don’t pick up vibrations from other people or other things around them. That’s why it’s important to clean your crystals regularly. By cleaning them you’re also making sure that the crystals only pick up your vibrations.

Various Ways of Cleansing Crystals:

1. Meditation

One of the quickest and easiest techniques for cleaning your crystals is to hold them in the palm of your hand in a standing position. Focus on feeling that a bright light is going through your crystal and clearing all negative vibes and impurities. Make sure you wash your crystals with cold water before doing a meditation session. Just use simple water for cleaning your crystals, without adding any soap or similar products.

2. Taking Crystals Home

By this we don’t mean you should take crystals to your actual home. Take them to a place where they originated – Mother Earth. Bury them in the ground for some time so you can purify them from other energies. This method is only not effective for metal-based crystals and with that exception it should work on the others just fine.

3. Using Sea Salt

By using sea salt you are able to add water to it and you don’t have to do it. It is important to know that cleansing crystals with this technique means that you need to know what crystals with sea salt and water are tolerant. A good thing to know that crystals that end with “ite” are normally not suitable for cleansing with water. Once you have made your decision, make a mixture of sea salt and water. Put the crystals in the solution for at least 24 hours. Do not use normal salt as it can contain some impurities that are not suitable for some crystals.

4. Throwing through flames.

Another good method for cleansing crystals is to light a candle. When you light the candle place a pillow at one end of the room. Throw your crystals from the other so the crystals passes through the candle flame and lands on the pillow. This technique is mostly used for quick release of negative energy. If you don’t have much time and you would like to cleanse your crystals we recommend this method.

5. Testing Different Crystals

Some crystals also have certain abilities where they’re able to relieve other crystals from negative energies. For example, you’re able to use “carnelian” to clean quartz and tumbled crystals.

6. Smudging.

For smudging your crystals you can use pine, juniper, incense, lavender and even sweet grass. Cleansing crystals means you can pass them through the smoke of the incense, or through your smudging stick. This way you’re cleansing them of all negative energy.