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7 Signs Reiki is What You Need Right Now

Reiki is an energy that is always around us. In the worst or the best time it is able to follow a path of light and spirituality. It is something we rely in the worst times in our life and it can be a major help to our physical as well as our mental state. Did you ever feel like you’re missing something in your life and that you’re not able to fill that empty space in your life? Well, in my personal case that was the story that got me into Reiki and being here where I am today. Right now being a Reiki Master is an honor that follows a great tradition and the people that practice should always have respect and care for each other. Reiki helps us in various situations in our life and it is able to follow us through our ambitions and our goals with it.

Here are 7 Signs Reiki is what you need right now:


1. You want to improve your health

The most important thing in our life is health. Without a healthy life we’re not able to be in a state of happiness and fulfillment. Reiki is not a substitute for medicine but it is a great healing and relaxing factor. By being positive you’re also surrounding yourself with positive people spontaneously. Reiki healing effects are amazing and they work. I’ve talked to many people that were sceptical about Reiki but when they gave it a shot, I can assure you they are grateful right now. Some even say that Reiki is on it’s way in hospitals now and that nurses are going to work with a Reiki environment to calm and relax patients that suffer from serious health issues.


2. You’re having family issues

This one connects to me personally because there are some families that will judge someone who is practicing Reiki. That was the case for me. The way I helped my family is by giving them something they always knew they had – a good son that followed the right path and helped other people as a main path of his life. By practicing Reiki while you’re in a family situation or you just simply can’t get along, you’re lighting a spark that is able to connect you back together. Being negative in a negative family is easy, but being positive in a negative family is hard. Don’t let the negativity control the outcomes in your life.


3. You have no motivation and energy

If you’re lacking motivation, you’re probably also in a negative state of mind where you just don’t feel like doing anything. The best way to practice Reiki in this state is to start slow. Engage yourself in a meditation with Reiki that lasts about 10-15 minutes. Then work on that you slowly spend more time doing it. Also a better way to motivate yourself with boosts of energy is that you schedule your own personal Reiki sessions so you have something to look forward to at the end of a hard day. It is also recommended to start the day with Reiki as you’re preparing your body for any challenges you might face. Reiki is a great source of quick boosts of energy that might help you in important life decisions or just your daily routines that you need to take care of.


4. You’re constantly insecure

As you might already know, learnings of Reiki offer you to become a Reiki Master, where you’re able to teach others about the energy and share the knowledge you have. Being insecure in life is not the best option simply because all people have hard life decisions that occur over our lifetime. Confident people often choose the right decisions and even if they make a mistake, they learn from it and move forward. When insecure people make a mistake, they often tend to fall into a state of depression or anxiety because they aren’t sure in what direction their life is going. My point here is that being a Reiki practitioner or a Reiki Master connects you with a lot of good people where you’re surrounded by confident people that have a certain goal in their life – and that is to help themselves as well to help people around them.


5. You want to lose weight

As I already said, Reiki is great for motivation and improving your health in general. This results in having more motivation for working out. Great ways of recovering yourself from a workout is by having a quick Reiki session that will calm your muscles. A lot of my students have been successful with Reiki and weight loss, because it always puts you in the right mindset. Charge your chakras before you’re about to head out for a run or simply go to a nearby gym. You’re gonna be amazed with the results.


6. You’re interested in learning about life

When you’re a passionate Reiki Practitioner, you’re interested in learning about spiritual work for the rest of your life. The reason I’m saying this is because I still have the same spark for learning compared to the spark I had at my first Reiki session. Reiki is not just healing, it is simply a way of life which will not make you think about negativity and stuff that’s wrong with the world. You’re gonna have a focused life path that will lead you into being successful in things that you want to be successful at.


7. You have a lot of stress in your life

This is something that is connected to the majority of today’s society. When you’re under constant stress, you’re also exposing yourself to serious mental health conditions. A good way to move away from stress is to be a good channel of Reiki energy. You’ve got to give Reiki in the same way you receive it, with good intentions and high energy. You’re always gonna have stressful situations in your life, but there are ways of making sure you don’t have serious health side effects because of it. Right now, you’re probably thinking how can Reiki help me in the worst day of my life? The answer is simple – try it out.

To conclude, being a Reiki Master and a Practitioner is a true blessing. It is not something you’re born with, it is something you practice for reaching perfection. I encourage everyone to try it out right now even if they think they simply don’t have enough time. Everyone should have respect for themselves and being a beginner with Reiki would take 20 minutes of your day, which I’m sure everyone has. In my 15 years of practice, I was never disappointed in the results and I attend to keep it that way.

Christopher Reed, Certified Reiki Master (