Karma Healing

7 Simple Steps For Karma Healing

One of the most commonly pursued questions is about Karma Healing and how to clear it. With Reiki you can easily clear and heal your Karma.

This healing needs to be done in three sets of seven days, leaving a gap of one week between each set. For instance, use this from days 1-7; give a gap from days 8-15; again use it for days 16-22; give a gap from days 23-30 ; last set use from days 1-7. The total number of days you heal are 21. The reason for giving these gaps is because, the blocks that get removed during the healing, comes into effect when you stop the healing for sometime.

While the action of karma maintains balance in the universe, its main purpose is to help us learn about ourselves and how the universe works. Once we learn the lesson, the karma is no longer needed. It’s possible to enlist the aid of an enlightened being to help us learn the lesson and to balance the karma for us. This is a wonderful gift; helping us heal and move forward on our path through life, learning and growing as souls.

7 Steps For Karma Healing:

  1. To begin with state your intentions 3 times.
  2. Draw or start visualizing Reiki symbols you’re attuned to. Find the symbols you are most comfortable with when using them.
  3. Imagine a purple pyramid or cone filled with energy in front of you in the air.
  4. Say 3 times “The negative karma is beginning to turn into positive karma.” Visualize it entering the pyramid or cone.
  5. Keep Reiki flowing for few minutes, as long as your hands tingle.
  6. Then release the cone into space. See it floating away
  7. Seal off the process with a Cho Ku Rei Sacred Symbol

I have used this technique myself and I’m really happy with the results.  I tried doing it continuously for 21 days as well as in three sets of 7 days. I feel the latter works better. I realized that some blocks are getting removed, simply because positive opportunities started popping up into my life.You may not know what karma you are clearing, but just believe that you will clear your karma this way. Its simple and powerful! I have used this technique myself and I’m really happy with the results.