8 reasons to Do Daily Self-Reiki

Sometimes we need a little motivational spark so we can keep our daily Reiki routine. Regular life obligations sometimes leave us exhausted and feeling like we don’t have the time to do the things we desire. Self-Reiki often gets put in last place and people find it hard to understand that Reiki can have a big impact in their lives. The most important thing is to pratice Reiki daily for a long time. Recently I realized how much I use Reiki and here are a few important reasons to help you motivate so you can set few minutes aside each day for your self healing.

 1.The greatest effects and benefits of Reiki are cumulative. The more you practice Reiki   daily, the better you will feel in every aspect of your life. Your mental, emotional and physical strength will build up. Using Reiki every day helps your remove bad emotional energy that you might come across throughout your days, it also helps in removing toxins that might be in your system.

  1. Self-Reiki daily routines help you understand Reiki better and reach a new level of energy. You will get to know your mind and your body which will lead you in having a better control over your life. The more you practice Reiki, the better you will understand your mind and your inspirations with Reiki.
  2. Daily Self-Reiki helps your head in keeping it crystal clear. Your decision making will improve because making decisions is always easier in a peaceful state of mind.
  3. Don’t forget to treat yourself with Reiki. Having few minutes of peace in a day is more than enough so you have a clear soul and a peaceful mind. Pausing for a moment and being kind to ourselves is always needed.
  4. Human touch is always necessary and sometimes we forget what our body needs. We need it to be mentally stable. Self-Reiki offers a big chance to receive and welcome touch. It eases symptoms of depression and anxiety and helps us calm our nervous system.
  5. Self-Reiki helps to soothe any healing crisis we may have such as colds, viruses, injuries and surgeries. Energy sent through Reiki can help in healing and improving your recovery time.
  6. Daily Self-Reiki helps us to slow down! Despite the common reasoning that we don’t have time to take 5 or 10 minutes for self-Reiki or meditation, when we begin regularly doing these practices, life seems to slow down and make way for them. Additionally, you will find that your mind calms and doesn’t feel as frantic to keep moving once you make this a habit.

8. Your inner peace will have an impact for the people around you. You will interact more friendly, patiently and have a better understanding towards your co-workers, children friends, parents etc.


  1. This hits home with me. As a home care giver for several clients, in caring for several a day I get so wrapped up running from here to there I do ignore my own care needs. Thank you for helping me realize this as it’s really beginning to take a toll on my personal health. Thank you again. Much love & light to you.