8 Steps of Upgrading Your Vibration Levels

Every human wants to have a peaceful mind. This is possible by following some simple steps that change the way you think and the way you vibrate. By having good vibrations you’re also having a relaxed mind, a relaxed soul and your whole body in general. Check out these steps and try to incorporate them in your daily life. You will feel much better about yourself and the people around you will want to stay around you.

1.Attract Others With Your Vibrations

I’m sure every one of you is familiar with the Law of Attraction. Yes, it will raise your vibration. In simple words, this law gives us the idea that thoughts become things. Your vibration is the energy you are putting out into the universe (could be positive or negative). High vibrational positive energy attracts the things you want, while low vibrational, negative energy attracts the things you don’t want. So be positive and optimistic and practice Law of Attraction.

2.Meditation Should Be a Part Of Your Daily Routine

That’s true. Meditation is the best way to upraise your vibration. Don’t take meditation as something you have to do instead make it a part of routine and meditate same as you eat, breath and walk. Actually, meditation is food of soul just like sleep is food of body. We can’t function properly unless we sleep well. That’s why, we all try to take adequate sleep because it is required for body to work properly. But what about our soul? Are we doing anything for our soul? During meditation we absorb the cosmic energy which raises our vibration.

3.Avoid Getting Into Matters of Others

Oh yeah! Upraise your vibration by avoiding gossiping about things that don’t serve you on your life purpose. Start reading good books and informative material instead wasting time on talking behind someone’s back or interfering in their lives. Understand the fact that everyone has their own life. Their life-their journey- their way of living. Why do we need to take unnecessary headache due to them? Stay focused on your journey and let them live their life their own way, which will result in uprising your vibration.

4.Appreciate All Good Things In Your Life

Start being appreciative. Appreciate the family you have, your friends, all the material items, the food in your plate and the body you have which is serving as a temple to your soul to fasten the enlightenment process. Take a moment right now while reading this. Stop for a bit and be thankful for everything you have and really mean it. No no, wait, don’t stop here, make it a constant habit and you will have more things to be thankful for. Appreciation will always help you in upgrading your vibration.

5.Stay True To Yourself And Be Kind

Kindness always lifts you up. When you do something for someone, that brings a smile to your lips and you feel really good. So be kind to everyone around you and ask them for help if they need. Give something to someone that he needs the most but don’t help with the intention to get something in return or blessings from them. That kind of help is never help, that’s selfishness and it lowers your vibration down. So be humble and kind to universe.

6.Get Your Body Active And Practice Yoga

Yoga has the power to change your perception. You change for the better. You start having a positive outlook on life as the way you see the things change. Also it keeps you active, stronger, healthier, faster and more determined.

7.Stay Aware Of Your Vibration Levels

Be aware of your current vibration. Right now check in this present moment how are you feeling? Are you feeling good? Are you feeling down? If you are not feeling good, check it and change it. Because you, ONLY you have the power to change your vibrational level.

8.Treat Everyone’s Soul The Same

When you start treating everyone as a soul on the same journey as yours, you feel light. You take off the burden of relationships. They are your loved ones and always will be. On the same time, if you treat them as fellow souls you would be able to ease this spiritual journey as all the disappointments and pain will no longer hurt you anymore. Also, you will notice warmth in relationships.