Candles with Reiki

Aromatherapy and Reiki are well connected and there are a lot of benefits for people who use these 2 techniques. Reiki is a wonderful healing energy that can be empowered by simply lighting a candle with good intentions. Many Reiki Practitioners use candles or incense sticks in their Reiki sessions and they are a great part of everyone’s healing routine.

There is a method called Color Candle Therapy and it’s a wonderful combination of healing energies when you are doing Reiki with it too. The candles really help and they are able to seal the healing effects. Certain colors of certain candles help in bringing a good intention for a better healing process. White pillar ones are also used in the form of a grid around the table as energy amplifiers for the candles that are colored. This way the white candles work as energy boosters and they’re able to connect with the higher source for a good effect of the healing process.

How is it possible to combine these two healing modalities? The Reiki Practitioner who is planning on using this technique is able to follow his or her intuition for the intended higher good of a person he is healing. This is the real beauty behind healing arts as there is no right or wrong when practicing and doing it. Every intention you set is for a higher good and it should always come straight from your heart. The procedure can be done as I outlined below and if it’s not working for you just make up your methods that will feel comfortable and right.

Make sure you have a supply of colored candles before you begin. While you’re able to get them as many as you want, I would recommend using the shorter candles as they would be a lot easier to handle. White pillar candle should be used for the grid around the mat or the table. When you’re starting with the process make sure your intuition guides you. You will know when is it time to cleanse the candles you’re using as from time to time they can be filled with some unbalanced energy. Make sure you anoint them before using, anointing means that you should rub some olive oil in an upward direction towards the stick. This process is done so you have a good connection between the energies you’re about to experience. They will be more vibrant and active and you will be able to feel it.

Before doing this session, make sure you communicate with your client. Set your goals and intentions and make sure their desires are noted and possible. By setting your intentions you would be able to know what colors you should use and what candles would be the most effective for working. In most cases and in my own personal practice, I use from two or four candles depending on the needs of the client. As always, when you’re doing a healing session make sure Reiki guides you and that you don’t force the energy. You will know how to use the candles and take care of your client.

Once you’re using the candles for specific purposes, the best thing you can do is to give them to the client who received healing for them. I personally don’t believe in using the same candles for multiple people as everyone’s energy is different and everyone has it’s own healing needs. If they were used for a personal purpose make sure you don’t use them again for someone else that has different goals and intentions. As a healer you should be able to determine what is right and what’s wrong, so by practicing the healing sessions with candles you would be able to figure this out on your own. The pillar candles used for energy amplification don’t have to be given to the client. While it’s best to not use the same candles for multiple people, it can be done with some cleansing techniques before re-using them.

Once you have finished with the healing session, visualize the client in a big bright light. This will also help in healing and you would be able to put the flames out when this is over. Remember that you have the same intentions when you’re putting out the candles. When they are extinguished your intentions and affirmations must be strong so you have a successful healing session.