Loving Your Mind and Body With Reiki

These days a lot of people want to lose weight and they want to lose it quickly. Keeping up with the current trends is not easy for everyone and a lot of people experience some hard times in their lives. Feeling terrible about yourself is the worst thing you can possibly do. For some people reaching that standard is impossible and for those people it remains the same for their whole lifetime. There are a lot of diets and fitness programs that advertise constantly around us. Seeing those pictures of ideal bodies can sometimes discourage our spirit and our mind. Accepting your body is one of the key components of accepting Reiki energy in your life. When you’re able to accept yourself you will be able to accept others too while you will have confidence and happiness in your life. 

Not accepting your true self is not a comfortable way of living in your own body. These kinds of situations only boost negative energy to our cells that lead us in having negative thoughts. Lots of people continue to do this so their negative thoughts become negative beliefs. When you come in that state your body becomes toxic and you’re unable to balance your energy. This also means that you are unable to heal yourself and others.

Supporting our health is important and it is the best way of making us happy. Having a good health is connected to eating properly and having a good energy flow. If you have a few extra pounds and you’re feeling uncomfortable about your body, change it! Different Reiki methods or self-healing sessions can enable you to get motivated. Feeling comfortable in your own body is the most important thing. Positive qualities that we connect with good health is exercising and eating well. Choose your own ways of improving your body and feel good about it. If you’re comparing yourself to others too much you might not get the best results.

Our main goal is that we feel good about ourselves. We want a body that will enable us good health and living freely, without pain. If we don’t compare ourselves to other too much and feel best about who we are, we will be happy. When you switch your state of mind to acceptance and love, you will reach a positive point where your body and spirit will be thankful.

Changing Your Body Process:
  • Send Reiki to yourself constantly and daily. Try to incorporate it in your life so it becomes a part of your routine. If you meditate, include self-Reiki sessions in your meditation. Be open to the energy and stay connected to it, you will be thankful for the energy flow you’re about to receive.
  • If there is a certain part of your body that need special attention, make sure you give it attention. This area can be in need of healing and you need to make sure you spend a few extra moments on that particular area. Make sure you always set the right intentions if you’re healing the area which needs special attention.
  • Lots of people carry feelings of guilt in their bodies. When that happens make sure you know where the guilt is coming from. Spend some time letting the energy work and while doing that remember to breathe correctly.
  • Allow Reiki to welcome the energy to the food you’re eating. You will have a more healthy approach towards food and you will be careful on what you eat.
  • Each time you’re sending Reiki to your food feel the energy flow so you’re able to enjoy the food. Blessing your meals with positive energy only welcomes you to become aware of the things you’re eating. If you’re self-aware that you’re eating unhealthy, Reiki will heal your ways and enable to you recognize what your body needs.
  • If you’re currently not physically active or don’t have any routines, try different methods of your body to stay active. Explore new ways that will make your body feel comfortable. As we already said the most important thing for you is to feel comfortable in your own body. Any kind of activity that will involve your body to work is good for you and it doesn’t have to be extreme. Send Reiki energy to your body and follow routines that will make you happy. While you’re staying active or simply stretching in the morning you’re making yourself feel good.  
  • Choose a form of movement that will make you feel comfortable in your own body. Send Reiki energy to that movement in advance. You’re able to do the exercise as long as you like but make sure the Reiki sending and the activity is at least 10 minutes long. We’re able to dedicate 10 minutes if not even more to ourselves and to our mind balance. Thank your body for the support it gives you.
  • Look yourself at the mirror and do little self-appreciation sessions. By giving yourself positive affirmations you will learn how to love yourself and your body. Do not try to change. Change it only if you’re doing it for the right reasons.

If we accept ourselves as we are, we will free our minds and allow the healing process to happen. Balancing our mind and our body is important and the main thing is to follow your goals and stay true to yourself. By loving your body you’re also accepting the true version of yourself. This is important for your self confidence and your life path in general. Having a good self-worth only leads to having better progress in life. Good opportunities also happen whe you’re able to be confident and happy in your own body. To conclude you will feel the changes in your mind and your body whenever you’re ready to accept it. Incorporating Reiki in your progress is just a step forward that will boost your energy and bless you with the power of healing and healing others. 

17 Ways of Having a Calm Mind

While meditation can help you with your spiritual balance and getting attuned to your state of mind, as a human you’re already in a state where you can calm your mind without some alternative techniques. By simply enjoying small things in life and making them a part of your daily routine there will be no problem of you reaching calmness.  Building your calm mind towards your happiness and fulfillment will make you a great person that will reach a state of divine calmness.

1. Stay away from negative thoughts

Whenever you’re feeling negative or you have negative thoughts that affect your being, identify them as something that will just pass. Move on and stay away from things that might cause your negative mindset. Separate your thoughts from yourself and lead a happy life without no self-doubt or anger.

2. Create a mantra of your calm mind

Remind yourself every morning that a good day is ahead of you and that there are new goals and achievements you need to accomplish. Connect yourself with present moments and have no worries in your mind. Separate yourself from things that might place your mind into a stressful state.

3. Accept your thoughts

If you’re thinking about something constantly, and can’t change it quickly, accept it. Replacing these thoughts with something “better” doesn’t work that efficiently. If you can’t control something, don’t struggle with it, just move past it and go forward in your life. Don’t ignore those thoughts too because you need to identify the problem and solve it in your own way.

4. Be alive and breathe

Remind yourself that you’re alive and well. Take a couple of deep breaths that will calm your body and your mind. The deep breathing will remind you how small things like that can impact your day and your state of mind.

5. Be thankful and appreciative

Even the smallest acts of kindness can calm us and affect our day. Be thankful for the things you have and do things that will make other people happy too . Some thing block us in finding our own happiness and it is important to recognize what is that.

6. Smile and be happy

Smiling helps in focusing our attention to the right people around us. It reconnects us to the gratitude we give and receive. When we’re happy and smiling we’re connecting to other people on a different level and we live in the present moment. Smiling and being in a relaxed state of mind just reminds us that we should live our own life with our own happiness path.

7. Connect with Mother Nature

Mother Nature is one of the greatest places you can calm your mind. You can connect with the environment around you and wait for good results you’re about to receive. Listen to the sounds of nature while you’re having your eyes closed and relax. Take in every moment you can while you’re in the nature and use it in the best way possible.

8. Be grateful and open to others

Keeping a gratitude journal helps pull us away from the stress of the day. It also forces us to appreciate life as it comes and find the good in everyday.

9. For a day, move away from technology

Give it a go and move away from technology for a day. These days technology brings a lot of stress and it is an inevitable part of our life. You can also try and turn off your phone’s notifications and just open them up whenever you’re ready. Your messages will still wait for you at the end of the day and turning your ringer off can also help you in reaching your peace.

10. Enjoy your food

Focusing on the texture and the taste of what you eat can help remind you that while all feelings are temporary, it’s important to truly experience the moments as they come, rather than letting them pass you by.

11. Drink tea

Drinking tea is a good way of calming your mind and connecting with your thoughts in the present moment. Tea can help in calming your nerves and mind while it will also improve your immune system.

12. Take a bath

Baths can help you relax by forcing you to take a step back from the bustle of the day, and they can be a great way to let your worries fall away as they fade into the heat of the water.

13. Relaxing music

Good relaxing music has always been proven to calm your mind and boost your endorphins which are hormones responsible for happiness. When your thoughts won’t stop coming music has a good ability to focus your mind and relax it at the same time.

14. Solve something stressful

While it’s important to be mindful despite the demands of your day, don’t avoid completing a stressful task on your list if it’s giving you unneeded anxiety. If you need to finish your taxes, for example, but keep putting them off, then it might be useful to complete them to get rid of the stressful thoughts that come from procrastinating.

15. Engage a deep conversation with a friend/family member

Fully focus on the other person and listen to what they have to say. By not simply waiting to say our piece, we can help pull ourselves out of our own heads and connect more deeply to the moment by showing appreciation to the people we talk with.

16. Affirmations

Talk to yourself positively by using affirmations. A good example of one that encourages peace of mind is: “No matter what comes my way, I will find a way to get through it.” Believe in yourself and remind yourself regularly that you will be okay.

17. Enjoy some art pieces

Whether it’s the Mona Lisa, a poem you like, or a drawing that your spouse made, nothing is off the table here. Art is subjective, and it can help you feel and fully embody the moment by showing your appreciation for the work of others. (Just don’t think about why you like something, as that’s not important here)