Connecting Psychic Contact with Reiki

Using this technique, Reiki Practitioners are able to connect with people on a certain psychic level. Being psychic includes of being aware of things that are happening in your life. This can include places, things, events, other people and of course – yourself. It consists of being aware of things that are happening around you. By being aware on all levels that include mental, physical, spiritual and emotional strength, you’re able to become a whole person. The Reiki Psychic experience helps you realize all the things we mentioned above. It also heals your emotional bodies so your psychic abilities can come out of the surface.

When you’re doing this centre your attention on your third eye chakra. When you’re doing so the dreams and the reality tend to connect in one. If that is the case you’re empowering the energy of thoughts to reach anywhere.

You need to be attuned to Level 2 (Advanced) to perform this technique, as it makes use of the symbols.

Instructions for Psychic Connection:

  1. Choose a place where you can sit down comfortably and will not be disturbed for about 10- 15 minutes. Find a place where you will be comfortable and not disturbed for about 15 minutes.
  2. Focus on the person you’re trying to establish a contact with.
  3. Visualize drawing the distance healing symbol on the third eye of the person. Repeat the process you want to reach three times.
  4. Repeat the name of the person three times.
  5. Really focus on the third eye of the person and say three times: “I’m establishing a psychic contact with ____ “(name).
  6. Send your message to the person, such as contact me or come home quickly.
  7. Visualize the mental healing symbol and repeat the name three times while sending it to the person.
  8. To finish the whole process draw the power symbol to seal everything. Also don’t forget to do this three times too.

This Reiki technique can be completed in a short time. It takes about 5-10 minutes to be finished and it establishes a contact with people who you cannot reach. Use this technique with good intentions and don’t send any unwanted messages.