Crown and Root Chakras

Crown and Root chakras are really important for your general body connection. Once I was preparing for a Reiki session and my client reported she is accident-prone and asked me to spend some time on her right ankle. She had twisted it a few days earlier, and it was still quite painful. Beginning with her crown chakra, I immediately felt her strong connection to Spirit. It felt like a powerful force of love and protection. Her other chakras felt balanced, until my hands reached her legs. Oh my!, I thought. The energies were simply depleted.

My Reiki guide showed me the client “traveling in the cosmos,” having a wonderful time being with Spirit and gaining knowledge and wisdom. However, she had difficulties in “returning” to earthly concerns. She needed to get in touch with nature and other important aspects of Mother Earth. When I shared this message with her, she acknowledged that she spends a few hours in meditation every day and does not like to deal with what she considers to be the ordinary aspects of daily life. In fact, the reason she is so accident prone is because she does not pay much attention to her physical environment. The Reiki guide imparted an important life lesson for her. To be in balance, she needs to pay more attention to her physical earthly needs.

Another client had the opposite problem. She scheduled a Reiki session to reduce stress in her life. She explained that her job is very demanding, and she sleeps poorly and is always eating on the run. There was a lack of energy around her crown chakra, and numerous blockages in her root chakra area. After the treatment, we discussed her current life circumstances. She shared she had been without a job for over a year and she was just weeks away from foreclosure on her home, when she finally obtained this current job. She is fearful she could lose this job too and is working many extra hours, to help her feel more secure. She reported she does not find the time to do yoga and meditation. She rarely relaxes, due to this fear. She would like to become more connected spiritually. We discussed ways she can attain balance in her life again.

The crown chakra represents our connection to Spirit, while the root chakra connects us to earthly concerns, such as security, stability and groundedness. When we place almost all of our energies towards either spiritual or earthly concerns, a major imbalance occurs. Reiki assists in bringing clients (and ourselves) to a holistic understanding of life. Achieving a crown and root chakra balance brings balance to all areas of our lives.