Empaths Have Healing Powers

Many people who are drawn to healing powers and go through a path of healing arts are also empaths. Being an empath has a various range of meanings. They are people who are very caring and recognize the needs and feelings of others. It is a high possibility that empaths also feel emotions around them. Sometimes even having difficulties when recognizing when the emotions are someone else’s or their own. Most of the empaths also feel physical pains and illnesses of other people.  Again to mention, many of the empaths have difficulties in recognizing another’s symptoms from their own.

Empaths are able to feel the world around them and that is one of the main reasons why they’re drawn to healing. They always feel where a help or healing is needed. Seeing or feeling certain places where healing is necessary is really helpful during healing sessions. Empaths also have skills in scanning and clearing. The can cause difficulties while an empaths has deep feelings of healing others that they can’t separate it from themselves. This can cause in blocking your own energy channels and being extremely weakened. In that case it no longer helps in their healing, it begins to hinder it.

Everyone wants to feel good and well. All healers also have a big desire to be as much as effective and helpful in what they do. As empaths, people sometimes accept that they are meant to suffer along with those who need help in order our help is effective. That makes us think if we take on the suffering of our clients or even the world, we will be helping. This is a wrong way of looking at things as it can limit our healing powers and also carries a possibility of bringing too much physical and emotional pain in our lives.

Important thing in healing is to not resist what you’re trying to heal and at the same time don’t absorb any negative energy that you might be healing. When we accept the issues of our clients we have a place of unconditional love and no judgement. When that is established we’re letting the energy flow of healing show its powers. In that case we don’t need to take it ourselves and suffer.

We shouldn’t ever create resistance against whatever we’re directing our healing towards. When we’re resisting to heal we are only making it worse by creating blocks in ourselves. The most loving and caring thing to do is to love and accept someone as they are. If someone is experiencing difficulties in finding their path as an empath you should always help them. Your part in this path is to hold space as they’re walking their own path, not to walk their path for them. The most important thing to do is to love, accept and send healing. Allow the process to unfold as it needs to. When you’re leaving space for the client they will also find love and acceptance towards themselves.

It’s not really easy to separate your own energy from others when you’re a healer and an empath. Healers face big challenges in those separations and to improve this you only need to practice.  By learning to appreciate others and paths of other people, you will also heal your own wounds and feel less resistance of negative energy and your healing will go where it needs to go. If you’re an empath and you’re not letting your skills overwhelm you, you’re a very strong healer.