The Five Reiki Principles

Reiki Principles are a fundamental part of our Reiki Practice. Many seem them as just a set of ideals that don’t affect our practice that much. It is possible we would get the same results even if we’re not aware of the Reiki principles. Using them we’re looking over the power of healing ourselves and others. These Reiki principles stand alone and anyone applying them in their lives will be ready for healing. Those Reiki principles contain the power of healing the mind, body and spirit. The wording may vary but the essence never changes. It sometimes asks us to give up and release an attitude or action that has a potential of creating a disease or illness. If we isolate each principle and understand their benefits of implementation we will begin to understand why the Grand Master Dr. Usui says “Just for today”.

1. Just for today, I will not anger

We are raised to believe that many expressions of anger are wrong and dangerous. From early age some are suppressing their true feelings in order to gain favor and avoid punishment. Many people see this as a negative emotion yet we’re designed to react positive and with kindness. Positive energy is important for our survival and it provides us with the power to protect the weak. The “fight or flight” response has enabled our survival as species and this energy we receive through fighting is something that is not easy to get. Sometimes we’re not using this energy in the proper way and using it in wrong ways can lead to guilt, frustration and resentment. This sometimes leads to destructive anger and it is very dangerous to be in that condition. If the anger stays for a long time it can also lead to an illness or a disease.

If the repressed anger continues in our adult life, it can lead to chronic depression and anxiety. In a lot of cases this anger continues to follow through most of our lives and depression and chronic illnesses from anger are really common these days. Our thoughts are able to trigger emotions that can lead to having physical symptoms in our body. There is always a tight connection between these things. We can lie to others and we can lie to ourselves, but our bodies never lie. There’s a reason Dr. Usui stated a principle we’re talking about.

2. Just for today, I will not worry

Being able to foresee danger is vital for our survival and anticipation is a positive feeling. Worrying on other hand causes fatigue and it’s negative that uses a great amount of our time and energy. With worry sometimes comes fear. That two feelings combined make a loop that becomes endless. We constantly worry about the future and what will happen next. At the same time we’re scared and feared of anything that might happen tomorrow. These feelings take away our energy and the most important thing is that it’s not easy to get it back when we enter a loophole of negative energy. We focus on the problem but we fail to shift our perspective and finding the right solutions so we can deal successfully with our problem. Facing with the problem is important and collecting energy to do so an important step towards progressing. The costs of worrying outweigh the possible benefits and the thing that is important to note that you should never confuse worry with concern. Worrying keeps our mind on the problem constantly while a healthy concern makes us think about solving that problem. Follow Reiki principles including this one and you want have any problems.


There are many ways of reducing the effects of worrying and that most important way of reducing it is to recognise the cost of worrying on a physical, emotional and mental level. They require a change in our mind that takes our focus away from the problems to important things. Thinking about solving problems and thinking about ourselves first is a way of living that should never cause worry in our lives. Redirecting the energy in right ways is a positive way of using the energy we receive through Reiki.


3. Just for today, I will be grateful for my blessings

Reaching a higher level of gratitude and being grateful for everything in life comes differently for a certain individual. Some people need to experience something awful in their lives so they can appreciate what they have. We become too wrapped up in our own world of anxiety and fear that we become isolated and disconnected from the world. Taking things for granted can affect us in many ways, especially when we’re expecting to receive more than life. Sometimes we expect too much from people around us and this mindset can lead us into dark places. Without an element of gratitude we’re not on the right way of receiving Reiki energy. If we have too high expectations we are rarely satisfied with the result we achieve. To enjoy and appreciate small things in life we got to be grateful for everything we have in life, no matter how hard the situation is.

Gratitude reflects quality and not quantity. Our own values are reflected back to us that create the lack of abundance in our lives. Lack of abundance can affect the quality of our life. Two people looking at the same circumstances can see always see something different. Someone’s glass will be always half full and someone’s half empty. Being grateful in those moments is important and whatever you think you are right.

If you believe you are right, your attitude will change and it will reflect in every aspect of your life. You will be more confident and you will want more from life. We will recognise that abundance is an option we can choose and if we want more from life we can’t have any restrictions that would keep us away from living our fulfilling lives. By giving thanks to everything you received in your life is a key that opens all doors. The law of abundance requires that we look at the things we have, value the lessons we learned through them and then give our thanks to all of this. This way we can be more released and our knowledge will expand while we’re appreciating the small things in our lives.

4. Just for today, I will do my work honestly

This principle means you should always be honest with yourself as you’re honest with other people. Honesty requires openness and the ability to respect yourself. The things we find most attractive in others are mostly the values and strengths we see in ourselves. Honesty requires a lot of work and confidence. With greater self-esteem you will be more open and we’re able to make judgements based on our own belief system. If we take action through pressure, intimidation or guilt there is a big chance honesty won’t be a big part of our lives.

The best approach you can have towards life is doing things in life right when no one is watching you. Setting your goals and being able to see your progress is a big part of your personal development. Making mistakes is also a part of this and they don’t indicate a bad person. Make sure you note what lifts you as a person and what leads you to greater achievements, also note what brings you down. By accepting yourself you are also on a path of being honest and truthful towards yourself and others. Remember that you are a good person who can make a mistake. By denying things in your life you’re also sustaining energy from flowing in your body. Accept the situation as it is and move forward.

When you take responsibility for your life and everything in it  you’re on a good path of achieving your goals and ambitions. You can’t wait for things to happen by themselves. By realising that you need to do things for yourself and that no one is going to do it for you is something empowering and enlightening.

Assertiveness is having respect for your own needs when you’re dealing with other people. Always stand up for what you believe in and stay honest. Never sacrifice your Reiki principles for the sake of someone liking you. They can like you but you will not be able to like yourself. Stay truthful to yourself and others, never makes promises too lightly and when you make them always make sure you keep them. By being a person that keeps promises you will reach a new level of honesty. Honour your commitments and take care of your actions. Don’t brag about your actions, just let your actions speak for themselves. When you’re dealing and helping others it is important to know that you should never get too attached to the end results of your actions. In some cases the results might not be what you expected them to be.

Honesty requires us to accept responsibility for our actions. If we let others dictate how we feel we’re giving them our power away. Our actions are then determined by their values and beliefs no matter how negative they might be. If we respond to them kindly instead of how our own values guide us we have given up the right to be offended by them. By doing this we have become worse than they are because we know better than that.

5. Just for today, I will be kind to every living being

For some people, this is the hardest principle to live by. It’s easy to be kind to people that like you and who you like. The true test comes when we need to be kind to people that we don’t like and that make us feel angry, threatened or insecure. We should not like, love or condone the actions of others, we should be kind to all living things when we have the right opportunity for it. The greatest barrier to kindness is being able to judge everyone from a standpoint of our own beliefs. Sometimes this creates judgement and separation which leads to fear. We often fear things that affect our own belief system and we can get comfort in knowing that we’re different from people that we dislike. We can’t bring ourselves to believe that given the right conditions and personal circumstances we could be the kind of person we find it so easy to dislike and hate.

If we’re asked to identify the things in others that make it easy for us to respond with kindness, the hard part comes when we’re asked to be kind to those ones that don’t deserve it. Sometimes we’re asked to give it without judgement or the attachment to the outcome of our actions. When we give this freely we open ourselves to the kindness of others. We are asked to separate the person from the action and try to replace feelings of anger, hatred, and dislike with kindness. This is for our sake as well as theirs

The only real point of power is the here and now and prefixing each principle with Just for today our attention and effort are focused in a way we can understand and the past and future are left where they belong. By employing these Reiki principles in a meaningful way we see the truth demonstrated that the only person we heal is ourselves.

To sum things up, Reiki Principles are important for having a good approach towards Reiki energy. By following the Reiki principles we’re following quality guidelines to live by. When we receive Reiki energy and follow the five Reiki principles we have a better understanding towards life which will leads us to eternal light. When you’re able follow these Reiki principles you will be able to heal yourself and others. While having this energy in your life you will be guided to do the right decisions in your journey. Follow the energy and the energy will follow you.