The Healing Power of Happiness

Happiness is a free thing that we all get to enjoy. A major precept of Reiki is that the only person we can heal is ourselves. This is achieved through a change in perception and through the acquisition and application of knowledge and understanding. Without it there can be no healing. In healing oneself we are given the opportunity to learn the lessons necessary that enable us to help others heal themselves. In truth every Reiki practitioner is a facilitator of knowledge and understanding regardless of the degree of expertise they have achieved. For self healing is much more about changing our perception than changing a physical condition. As co-creators we give meaning to the experiences we live through this is why there is no standard response to any given situation or experience, people feel and deal with things differently and a change in perception leads to a change of values and a growing understanding of what’s happening and why.

The healing process may still be physically or emotionally painful. Eventually it becomes a pain with purpose and meaning as through this change in perspective we recognise it for what it is. Working through it in order that it can be released and let go. On this personal journey fear and regret are often our travelling companions. Regret is the one who is always lagging behind; it tries to get us to turn back, to turn around and focus on the past. It constantly reminds us of whom and what we once were. Regret tells us that the success and happiness we seek have to be earned and we do not deserve it because of who we are and the mistakes we have made. Fear unrestrained runs ahead of us, it lays in wait ready to jump out and sabotage our progress when we least expect it. Fear creates the illusion of barriers where none exists and leads us to believe that our path is fraught with hazards and pitfalls. With every shadow concealing dangers ready to bring any progress to a premature end.

Reiki is a like a beacon of light when on the road to find true happiness. Once welcomed into your life Reiki stirs up amazing changes that bring you back to your true self. Your mind, body and spirit go through a purification process that in the end leaves you in a true state of happiness. This process may be a few months for some and a few years for others. In the end however the results are the same. You finally feel free to be your true self and happiness is found within.

One of the most important things I recommend doing when beginning your journey with Reiki is to keep a daily journal of how you are feeling and what changes you notice occurring in your life. It is very important to write down both the good and the bad. Something may not seem important to you at the time but in retrospect you may notice it was something small that lead you to a life altering positive change. Happiness can only be experienced in the moment. This is mostly the present moment, for this is all the time we have. If we continually focus on the past or the future we deny ourselves the opportunity to create the happiness we desire in the here and now. Problems arise when we link our happiness to the achievement of goals instead of focusing on the creation of happiness itself. In doing so we convince ourselves that happiness is the result or by-product of an external experience instead of an internal creative process. Happiness is a state of mind; a thought process that elicits an emotional response which then creates a physical sensation and ultimately an external experience. Through the power of our thoughts our psychology becomes our biology and directly affects our health and well being. Every thought will find a way to express itself. Thoughts that sustained will go on to create our beliefs and eventually the reality we must experience.


When happiness is linked to attainment we are sending out the message that we can’t be happy in the here and now. This is because our happiness has to be earned and will only be achievable if we are talented, able gifted or worthy enough to receive it. All of these thoughts are negative based self judgements that promote the idea that happiness is ‘out there’ somewhere waiting to be discovered. By attaching happiness to the acquisition of things or the achievement of goals we are saying that our happiness has to be put on hold. That is until the achievement of those goals brings about the happiness and sense of achievement we desire. Any delay or even failure to achieve those goals can result in disappointment and a sense of failure. This can then trigger feelings of inadequacy low self esteem and in some extreme cases the onset of depression. Over time illness and disease through the suppression of our immune system.

Many people already know from personal experience that getting upset or angry can raise their blood pressure. Some have found to their cost that if anger or aggression has become their ‘default response’. Their immune system is suppressed to such an extent it can over time, result in the onset of ill health, heart disease and strokes. If negative thoughts and emotions have an adverse affect on our health and wellbeing then positive thoughts and emotions such as joy and happiness can provide a measurable antidote. Tha antidote will boost our immune system, lower our blood pressure and drastically reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease. Our thoughts and the emotions they create have far reaching consequences. This is considering our gene pool, our DNA the very fabric of our being is influenced, enhanced or adversely affected when our psychology becomes our biology through the quality of our thoughts and the attitudes and beliefs they create.

While the adverse effects of negative thoughts and emotions are well documented, there are a growing number of studies that now confirm that success doesn’t lead to happiness, happiness actually leads to success. This has measurable benefits to our health and wellbeing. Pioneering work in this field of medicine provides growing evidence. This connects to people who are in a distressed state of mind are able to create or induce a feeling of, contentment, joy or happiness. Connection between his is that it has a positive and measurable effect to their health and wellbeing. It leads to amongst other things a quicker recovery of normal heart function. It is also noted that the simple act of smiling also has the power to lower blood pressure and induce a more rapid heart rate recovery.

So while some say there is no evidence to show that Reiki works, other studies have shown that something as simple as a compassionate or loving touch has a measureable positive life affirming effect. Maybe it’s now time to re-evaluate the evidence available to us or simply change our perception of what Reiki is and the way it works.

When we say that Reiki helps us to heal ourselves we are using a very broad brushstroke generalisation that does little to explain the ‘healing’ processes involved. Knowledge and understanding of the benefits of happiness and other positive based thoughts can change our perceptions. It can also take healing out the realms of the mystical and miraculous and help make it a technology that can be understood and then used by everyone to enhance their health and wellbeing. Happiness and positive induced emotions not only boost our immune system but also undo the effects of stress and anxiety. With this we’re not only improving quality of life but also protecting our health and wellbeing. They enhance nearly every facet of our being, including work performance, health, marriage, friendship, creativity, confidence and energy.

It has to be said that happiness is no magic bullet, but it’s clear that it lengthens the odds of getting disease or dying young. While happiness might not by itself prevent or cure disease, there is no doubt that positive emotions and enjoyment of life contribute to better health and a longer lifespan. Current health advice and guidance focuses on avoiding obesity, eating a balanced healthy diet, not smoking and getting plenty of exercise. With the change in our perception of what contributes to a healthy lifestyle may be its time to add being happy and avoiding chronic anger to this list.

Reiki is only one of many energy healing techniques. Not everyone feels comfortable with Reiki. In fact, some are not comfortable with energy medicine or any type of natural healing at all. Some prefer a different type of energy healing than Reiki. Still others want to employ several healing modalities. A person chooses want feels comfortable to them. Reiki is a marvelous healing tool. But it is not the only tool. Many people have amazing results from aromatherapy, EFT, the Emotion Code, pranic healing, acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy or allopathic medicine. We do a disservice if we push the idea that Reiki is the only way to healing or even that it is the best. It is best for the person who chooses it, but not for others. If Reiki does not make you happy you should not force it.

All healing is really energy healing. True healing works with and moves energy freely through the system. It all encourages and enhances well being. When working to try and guide a person toward wellness, the energy must move. Even if it is not acknowledged as energy healing or even understood as such, that is still what it is. Additionally, all healing really takes place within the person being healed. It requires a shift that they must participate in for real change to occur. If this shift doesn’t happen, the illness may go away, but the underlying cause remains. It will resurface in as many different ways as it needs to in order to catalyze the true healing and growth the person needs. Because of this truth, a person needs to choose a healing method they feel relaxed and comfortable with, no matter what that method is.

Some people need to explore different methods or combinations of methods to find the path to healing that feels right to them. In the end, the greatest concern needs to be that a person gets healing and that they feel easeful with it. Our goal should be to assist them in finding their own way to their path. The healing of a person is a beautiful thing. When someone moves closer to healing, we all benefit. Once you have welcomed Reiki in and have started your journal be sure to live everyday with the mindset that you already have everything you have ever wanted in life. You ALREADY have the body you want, the romantic partner you seek, the true friends you long for, the perfect job for you, the salary that allows you to live the life you want. You live in the house that you long for, have time and money for the vacations you want and are able to help anyone you wish. You have time and money for hobbies and anything it is that you desire to do. You are living in a space of abundance rather than lack and limitation. At first you may feel ridiculous and like you are acting. Give it a few days. Keep going. I guarantee that within a few weeks time your mind will have shifted and you will notice this way of thinking to be easier and easier. You will start to notice small positive changes beginning to occur. Write these down for positive reinforcement! Always make sure you can feel you’re on the right path of being truly happy. When you start feeling changes on yourself you will have a positive influence on other people too.