Meditation With Reiki

Today I’d like to share experiences of meditations that are intoned with Reiki. I always get a lot of questions of how to incorporate meditation with something else. Reiki is an excellent way of adding something new to your sessions and having a relaxed mind means a lot. Meditation in general is a wonderful way of healing and together with Reiki it can do a lot.

The worst thing you can do about meditation is to overthink it. The whole meditation process is pretty simple and complicating the process will only get you negative results. Whole point of meditation is to bring back your energy, relax and calm your mind. By complicating things you’re bringing your healing properties to a low level.

Guide for Meditation with Reiki:

1. Most common start with this is to do it behind closed doors in your bedroom as your home is the best place to start. When you’ve already experienced in meditation you can switch to other places such as group meditations, deserts, mountains or the beach.

2. Choose what music relaxes you the most. Different types of music attract different types of people and you’re not obligated to listen things that relax most of the people. Sometimes just listening to the sounds of nature helps in the whole process. There is a lot of free music online and anything you think that is suitable for you, listen to that 

3. When you’re starting it is recommended to do 30-40min sessions and after you’re more comfortable you can proceed to doing a full hour session. A great way of incorporating music into your sessions is to pick music that has the same length as your session and you already know how long it will last.

Meditation4. Get into a position that you feel is the most comfortable for you. My favorite position is sitting with my legs crossed and my palms facing up the sky. Some people like to lay down with a pillow and then start the meditation. Find the most comfortable spot and use it regularly

5.  Take a few sips of water just to stay hydrated before and after your sessions.

6. By your desire make a large Reiki symbol over the front of your body. Decide which symbol feels right in that certain situation

7. Clear your mind and then set an intention you feel is the most suitable for the situation. By closing your eyes and starting with correct breathing you’re starting your meditation session.

It is always recommended to keep a journal where you keep track of your meditations and the messages you’ve might gotten. Don’t think too much about the meditation itself as it is a simple process which heals and relaxes your body. Take your time and start working on yourself.