Protecting Yourself From Negativity As An Empath

Empath Protection: There are times as an empath we need to shield from negativity. Also as an empath we don’t actually know what to do when a potentially dangerous situation arises. We have listed below 5 steps for empaths to shield from negativity.

1. Realize that you’re an empath

The first step of shielding oneself from negativity as an empath is recognizing that you are indeed one, you need to accept this. The recognition might sound rather obvious, but I can assure you that the majority of empaths get confused.

Psychologists say that an empath is in a position to figure out how to take advantage of their sensitivity and awareness, this is the reason how they can feel what others around them are feeling. Based on the state of their consciousness, each empath needs to understand that, this feeling is about them being part of the universe and all that is and their connection to it.

2. Stay truthful

Recent studies have shown that the moment people are dishonest to themselves or others; they create in-congruence in their minds. In such a situation, we find ourselves asking why we were dishonest. As psychologists say, being dishonest can cause a continued shift in our energy. When you’r straightforward with others, you are helping that individual. When somebody requests your legit assessment about something, ask them what they need from you, do they want advice or do they need you to just listen to them.

3. Have positive feelings

If you have ever been to an interview, you’ll realize that one of the primary things that the interviewer may ask you is “What is your greatest weakness?” The right reaction to this is letting them know an apparent shortcoming, such as being someone who worries a lot, and you go ahead to clarify that you know this, you will see that the interviewer considers this to be a positive thing about you. It is recommended that if you feel hostile feelings of others around you, that you take it for what it is, and transform it into a positive and send that energy back into peaceful awareness and direct it toward the general population around you.

4. Take time and space for yourself

In many occasions, empaths seclude themselves from the crowd to avoid the emotional energy pollution’. It’s essential to have a good group of friends you can trust, since it’s one of our central needs as individuals. However, to shield ourselves from negativity, as an empath, we should separate ourselves from others when we feel we need to, this helps us realign our energy again.

5. Don’t get involved in negative energy

To shield yourself from negativity, always try not to be taken in by energy vampires or try to control what is out of your control. It’s great that you get to understand that people are different, that they can be helped by setting a good example, while there are other who can’t be helped. Changing people is next to impossible.