Sometimes Reiki

Top 5 Reasons why Sometimes Reiki Doesn’t Work

Sometimes Reiki practitioners doubt the power of Reiki because they don’t get results right away or in the time they were expecting to. Every Reiki practitioner who has been on a Reiki journey for a while knows that the energy works. When people fail to get great results, they mostly conclude that the energy doesn’t work at all.

There are the most common causes of Reiki being not able to work for someone. As we already mentioned most of these people are the ones who don’t get the expected results right away. Check what can cause giving up on Reiki:


Some people expect that Reiki energy will instantly help in solving all of their problems. This is not what usually happens and this energy does not work in that way. The way Reiki energy works is by practice. By practicing and doing it daily you will see your progress and it will help you in seeing your problems. With an open mind while you’re letting the energy flow it will show you a way of solving every problem that is ahead of you and in some cases Reiki will guide you to let go of the problems. While you’re doing this in the end you will realize that the only one who is solving your problems is you.


Many people have huge expectations and while under practice they’re thinking that Reiki is like a magic pill that will get you fixed. That pill does not exist and while you’re having really high expectations you won’t make much progress. Reiki takes time and patience. The practice of it should be done in a pace that is suitable for the individual. Surround your daily practice with love that everyone will enjoy and feel comfortable with. The sessions are something practitioners always look forward to and they seek in improving themselves while they’re also being patient. Reiki is a way of life. Just like kids growing, little difference (if any) can be noticed from one day to the next. But when looking back at months and years of practice, the changes incurred are very obvious and profound.


Just like anything in life, the more you do it, the better you’re at it. With every successful session you will feel more energy and your energy channels being cleared. Every time you start to invoke a symbol you will feel the energy being reinforced. The performance of someone who practices Reiki daily will be very different from someone who practices Reiki once a week. Find your own creative ways of incorporating Reiki into your daily routine and find a way of making it relaxing. Practicing daily doesn’t mean you should do this for hours, simply taking 15-20 minutes a day will be enough. Sometimes Reiki session is just the one thing you need after a hard day at work.



Reiki is a journey that never ends. It should be approached as an exploration where you discover new things about yourself. New things you discover will come over time and being patient is something you should be aware of. Reiki should not be approached with being overly excited as it can ruin the experience of first session where you should have peace and tranquility in your mind.

It is not a destination where you should end with levels 1, 2 and 3. When you’re a Reiki Master your journey did not end too. The journey never ends and there is always some place to learn new things to enhance your spiritual growth and your general knowledge. It is a peaceful journey that indicates life is great, and with Reiki it’s only gonna get better. There is always something new to learn and to experience, and just when you thought you’ve reached the destination, the path to the next stage becomes clearer.


Especially when someone is new to the energy they sometimes send Reiki to a specific situation or an outcome. For example someone can channel the energy with the intention of passing a specific job interview, instead of just sending the energy to the entire situation. Trying to channel the energy to a purpose will sometimes create a negative effect. It will make the attachment and the connection strong, but it will also create a feeling of resistance and stress.

When you’re channeling Reiki detach yourself from any outcomes so you can find your way to the highest good. Sometimes things don’t go the way are planned to and if you failed at getting that job maybe you need to discover something new about yourself and just do great at other jobs. The key of channeling Reiki is to be open to positive and negative outcomes. By appreciating negative outcomes we will also appreciate positive outcomes even more. Sometimes Reiki has it’s own way of telling us what is good for us and what path should we take.

To summarize don’t cling any outcomes when sending Reiki energy. Aim for a feeling of happiness, flow, peace and trust. Whatever brings you harmony in your soul and spirit, continue to do it.