Reiki Evolves with You

There was a statement I heard considering Reiki that went something like: “Reiki evolves with you”. This statement is true and I’ve been meditating on this thought ever since. There are many layers of this meaning and you need to figure out which meaning is best for you and your Reiki journey.

Everyone who has been practicing Reiki for a longer time will tell you their experience with Reiki has changed throughout the years. Also they say that the experience always continues to change. With Reiki getting closer and closer Practitioners have a closer connection to The Universe too. Practitioners often feel a spiritual guidance for placing their hands where healing is necessary. They often receive specific messages and energetic impressions. Knowing that the Divine energy is always available for healing is an important step in becoming a Reiki Practitioner.

The personal ego of seeing oneself as a healer evolves into realizing that one is the channel for Divine Healing. What happens on the Reiki table and beyond, surpasses anything a human being can do. The definition of a miracle is something extraordinary that surpasses all human or natural powers. People who are constantly working with Reiki can list many miracles they’ve experiences and witnessed. Miracles can occur in a form of physical cure, emotional blocks held by many years or a spiritual growth of an individual. Healing is possible in all aspects of a person, that means your body, mind and spirit is connected to the Source and available for healing.

As Reiki is assisting us in our lives we begin to experience many wonderful things happening to us. We’re becoming more aware of the Divine Energy and our eyes open to many exciting signs and synchronicities. Making good decisions in life becomes easier for us and we’re looking for more healthy relationships that are greatly desired. Reiki always evolves with us and our world is getting transformed. With bringing harmony into our lives we’re also becoming a person that brings harmony into others people’s lives too. As Reiki assists us in our lives we begin to experience things that never happened to us and by becoming more aware of the power of Reiki we’re also one step close to finding our true spiritual path.

Sometimes we forget that sharing Unconditional Love is always available in our lives. Sometimes we were often told that we were not good enough or did not pray hard enough. We developed our belief system around these untruths for years. It takes time for accepting the truth into our beings.

The words “with you” are important. This means that we’re never alone in our own spiritual journey. We’re always supported by ourselves and having the support of our true beings means we’re on a way of getting good spiritual growth.

If you’re not experiencing and evolution with Reiki yet, continue with your practice and pursue the active gift of healing. Every time you connect with the Source, the opportunity for healing is always present. Always ask for release of any spiritual or emotional blocks that you might encounter. Ask for guidance and you will always have an opened mind and spirit. The guidance can come from pretty much everywhere – a person, a book or an inspired thought. Keep working on Reiki and Reiki will keep working on you too!