Reiki and Family

Reiki is an energy that always seems to impress me. The energy I received throughout the years is an energy I’m able to share with a lot of people. Especially with my closest ones and my family. My brother and my family live in San Francisco while I live in Florida so it’s sometimes hard to stay in a good connection considering the distance. I try to visit as much as possible but sometimes the connections just fades out. 

I have always been a little different from everyone in my family. Specially from my brother, he has really negative thoughts and always finds how to switch the topic to something that will bring the mood down. For example if I say I did something impressive or had a successful job interview, my brother is not interested. Sometimes we get along but those days are rare.

In Florida I’m surrounded by my students where we share the Reiki energy and always have good intentions. In my private sessions I mention my family and my brother too. I’m constantly surrounded by this wonderful energy that fills my life with joy and wonder. I love doing Reiki and it affects my life in so many amazing ways. There is always something back in my mind considering my family and the distance we are experiencing. When we see each other sometimes it just feels like we have to, not because we want to. I even suggested to my brother that we do a Reiki session together, but he declined immediately.

When we meet together in San Francisco, it’s only on holidays so we’re able to talk about the things that happened throughout the year. When I’m talking and describing my past year, no one seems to pay much attention so the distant feeling I have with my family only gets bigger.  I’ve been sending out a lot of Reiki to my home and to all of my family members. I don’t have any negative thoughts about them and still love them as much as I love myself. My brother is a great person I just believe he had some hard times in his life. Reiki is a glorious energy that I’m able to send with good intentions that will balance the state of my family. I don’t put any real specifications on Reiki, I just send the energy to my family.

Powerful Family Connections

I’ve been doing this process for a while and then one day a young lady I met through a friend of mine offered me a tarot reading. In this article we will call her Sharon. She is somewhat younger than me and later on I found out that her surname was the same as mine. She offered me to take a seat and then we started with the tarot reading. I questioned her about her family and about her surname. During the readings I kept getting the feeling to dig deeper about her family. The energy I was receiving was amazing and the interest I had wasn’t able to hold back.

Sharon began to talk about her family and her family tree. The moment she started to talk about the names I was aware of every single name she mentioned. Her father is my cousin and everyone from her Dad’s side of the family was in my fam tree too. Sharon was from Philadelphia while I’m from Florida. After we talked for more I found out that this young lady was my second closest cousin in the family. I was amazed by the coincidence and the Reiki energy I received was amazing.

Reiki energy connected us and brought us together. Sharon is an remarkable tarot reader and an enlightening spiritual person. Since we had that tarot reading, we keep in regular contact and spend time talking about our families. She said she kept being drawn back to me when we spent time with our friends and that is why she offered to me a tarot reading. Finally we were able to do it and here we are, related and connecting.

Reiki energy has done wonders in connecting me with my blood family, here in Florida. Sharon is a beautiful and very deep young lady, who I’ve grown to love and respect. I feel our meeting was destined and without a doubt meant to occur, so we both grow and blossom. I am closer to her age, than I am to my actual cousin. As I said, this is part of the reason I don’t know him or the rest of Dad’s family.

To this day and forever more, I will be grateful to the Reiki energy for connecting me with my blood family. I feel with Sharon that our friendship and relationship will continue to grow and blossom and I look forward to really and truly enjoying the journey. She is an amazing person who has been a part of my Reiki journey. I’m really grateful for her connection and blessings. 

I hope this article will make you understand how Reiki is not an energy that only includes physical healing. The energy you’re able to receive is a feeling you can’t describe. Reiki can also heal feelings and emotions, such as being lonely and not having the support from your loved ones nearby. I wasn’t aware that I had a lot of relatives in Florida where my family doesn’t live. There is also Sharon, a relative that became so important to me in such a short period of time.  Being close to your family is important and Reiki is an energy that can help you in establishing a good connection between. Sending distant Reiki and invoking prayers that include your family members can and will make a difference. If you’re having hard times with your family remember that you are the channel of the energy which can make things better. If you’re not experiencing in being the channel of the energy make sure you practice and become aware of your powers. 


  1. I understand you perfectly, even though my siblings don’t believe in Reiki or any types of mental healing, I have my mom who practices another type of spirituality which is internal. She’s the forceful one in the family. However, what you would call a friend, my mother and I do not have any, but we have many acquaintances we have been able to help either mentally (me) and physically (my mom). As I said I don’t have friends, however, I’ve been able to connect with strangers and help them either with physical touch or mental touch. And though they have never acknowledged that Reiki does work, it is not important for me since I can see the change in them. Friendship is defined in many forms…….my definition of a friends is one who will be with you through the good and the bad……..however, if anyone needs my help through any type of healing, I am there for them. Many people don’t understand what Reiki healing is, and expect immediate healing of physical ailments. Thank you for sharing your story….