Pregnant Women

Reiki for Pregnant Women

The word “Reiki” combines two Japanese words Reiki and Ki which translate to Universal Life Force energy. This technique is about healing and it requires a Reiki practitioner to place his hands on or above the body. Following these steps the energy flow goes through the recipient while you’re using the palms of your hand as your connection. Reiki energy flows wherever it’s needed and it requires focus and effort. It helps us balance our energy and energy of others. It can be used to treat the whole body using some simple techniques that leave a good effect on our body, emotions, spirit and mind. By bringing Reiki into our lives we’re also bringing health and happiness.

Reiki during Pregnancy

Reiki helps in treating the conditions of a pregnant woman. The energy can be used safely and it does not cause any harm to their mother. Reiki is safe to use throughout the whole process of pregnancy and it can also be used during conception and childbirth.

The mother’s body goes through a lot of changes during the state of pregnancy. The energy that’s inside her goes through a lot of instabilities, making her body under constant pressure. That pressure potentially makes her weaker physically and emotionally. A Reiki treatment during pregnancy can be beneficial for good balance of the energy and cleansing the body and spirit. This energy will help her relax and adapt to the changes her body is currently going through.

Of course, you must seek doctor’s attention if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Benefits of Reiki for Pregnant Women:

Eases Physical Discomfort

Reiki healing is effective for relieving pain and physical discomfort. These are the most common things associated to pregnancy. Human hormones often cause mothers to have extreme hormonal changes that can cause all sorts of gastric problems. Energy healing treatments during pregnancy help in relaxing the whole gastrointestinal area, which means it helps in reducing the sensation of nausea. It also provides help in hip, back or ligament pain that women often describe during their pregnancy state. Taking a Reiki treatment while being pregnant can relax you completely, reducing fatigue, pain, anxiety and sleep problems which will also lead you to having great amounts of energy for you and your baby.

Provides Emotional Support

A pregnant woman can be quite stressed and tired while in that condition. Sometimes the demands which are connected to the expectation of the family, jobs or relationships can lead the pregnant woman into fatigue and tiredness. A Reiki treatment during pregnancy helps their mother stay emotionally strong while it gives her inner peace. It calms her fears related to delivery and pregnancy in general.

Makes the delivery process Easier

Reiki treatment that’s given during labor time can make the whole delivery process easier. It helps reduce pain that is associated with the back and pelvic area. This natural treatment helps in reducing anxiety of the mother who is expecting a baby. It also creates a good atmosphere for the child that’s about to be born. Some studies have shown that women who practice Reiki are less likely to undergo a C-section even if they went through the same surgeries earlier in their lifetime.

Helps in PostPartum Recovery

The body of a pregnant woman tends to change a lot after the delivery.  Reiki treatments after the delivery can be really beneficial as it helps the mother in soothing her emotional levels. It is well known that some mothers tend to enter a Postpartum depression which also leads to having anxiety. The Reiki treatments can help the mother in adjusting to the new environment and taking care of her baby in a successful way. It is most important for the mother to receive a couple of treatments the first few weeks after childbirth.

Health and Happiness of the baby

When a Reiki treatment is given to a pregnant woman, it also helps in establishing a good connection between the mother and her baby. The baby is still unborn but Reiki makes a strong spiritual relationship between the mother and the baby. Reiki helps the baby stay relaxed and calm, it also sometimes even makes the baby move a little in the mother’s womb. Healing sessions during pregnancy make the baby easy going, which makes it easier for the mothers to take care of their little ones.

Practicing Reiki during Pregnancy

If pregnant women want to practice Reiki on themselves, they need to be attuned by a Reiki Masters to do so. If they are attuned there are a couple of simple guidelines that can help them deal with pregnancy with ease.

Of course, it’s always recommended to follow your intuition and send energy wherever you feel it’s most needed. But here are some recommended hand positions:

  • Place one hand on the back and the other hand on sternum
  • Place one hand on the base of the neck and the other hand on the base of the spine
  • The feet of pregnant women are often strained, so treating them with Reiki can help you feel relaxed and comfortable
  • In late pregnancy a woman’ stomach often tends to feel heavy. Place both your hands on the base of both sides of the stomach – this can make you feel very comfortable
  • Remember to also give Reiki to the whole body, so that you don’t create imbalances in certain parts.

Reiki is a perfect option for all pregnant women who are looking for easing the symptoms of their pregnancy. Many women are looking for a holistic approach for treating their body and their mind, Reiki is the solution for it. A Reiki treatment strengthens the body, emotions and the spirit of a pregnant woman which gives her strength and power to move on. The baby also receives great amounts of energy from Reiki and it’s able to establish a good connection with the mother while Reiki energy is flowing. The mother will feel the energy and she will transfer it to her child.