Self Healing by Balancing the Chakras

Many people have struggle with balancing their mind and their spirit. From my dreams that I had as a kid I saw many big explosions of light that were really often in my dreams. I never knew what was this about until I started to practice Reiki. I was always in search of light, which I wanted to be I guide of me. I cam across Reiki, the universal life force energy, and my life changed. After a few meetings with my Reiki Teacher, I started to get more involved. I developed a faith towards Reiki and wanted to learn more. I found my true passion and knew it was my calling. The most important thing you can do when you discover your Reiki path is to heal yourself and others that need healing too.

I love self-healing and use it daily. Sometimes even two times a day. During my sessions I always feel good flows of energy. The most important thing is to ground yourself. Sometimes you will feel like you’re not even in your own body. Consulting people about this issue helps and experienced people will always tell you that you should have quality grounding. Being a true lover of self-healing, my passionate side always tried to find better solutions for grounding. With my meditation sessions that I incorporate daily, a method of self-healing came to my mind that I practice every day. It helps with calming the overflow of the energy that is sometimes guided to you.


  1. Close your eyes. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes while you can listen to some chant as background music if that helps.
  2. Take big and long three breaths. (three in one minute)
  3. Heal your brow and root chakra for three minutes while you can include any method of healing. My personal preference is placing my right hand on the root chakra and left on the brow chakra. Don’t forget to draw the power symbol, mental symbol and then the distance symbol.
  4. Repeat this process for the throat chakra and the sacral chakra for also three minutes
  5. Then for solar plexus & heart chakra for three minutes.
  6. Seal by Cho Ku Ray, any method. (I do it by visualization)

By this method chakras are completely healed and the are resolved of depletion of the energy. I personally enjoy this method of self-healing and balancing the most. My chakras are always balanced and I truly recommend this. The most appropriate time for this technique is before bedtime as:

  • being a short process you can complete it before you fall asleep.
  • you have a sound sleep by this method of healing.
  • you don’t need to schedule extra time for self healing as many of us feel self healing as boring and time consuming to some extent.