Reiki Is Primarily Self Healing

Self healing is an empowering process that allow an individual to realize their progress of personal growth and spiritual knowledge. It also connects the individual to the Universal Life Force which brings the person into a new spiritual level. The moment of self healing is a moment of introspection that connect with our successes and failures, our lessons learned in life, many blessings and generally the life we lived. All of this is just a process that is a subject to how we perceive right from wrong or good from bad. Self Healing is an opening act of love and kindness towards yourself and then others. Everything starts with us and if we’re not accepting ourselves as healers we can’t heal others. 

Our body is an amazing gift from Nature. Our body is designed to maintain balance and when we’re aware we have the ability of self healing we’re also achieving good spiritual balance. Our body constantly works towards maintaining spiritual balance. It is the Law of Self Recovery. When we disturb our body and the balance is affected, our body spends a good amount of time recovering and finding the replacement energy for it. A longer disturbance of our body may even cause some health issues that can result in hypertension, stress or anxiety. When we’re affected by this for a longer period of time it can create a combined effect that is connected to our health. Our physical, mental, spiritual and metabolic systems might get affected.

Reiki channels will agree how relaxing it is to find a method which helps us in healing the imbalance and blockages in our body. The method depends on the individual and everyone has a different technique for their body. Reiki is an energy that always works towards bringing our mind, life and body in a state of equilibrium. The energy embraces us and it’s loving light guides us in the darkest times of our life. By sharing the loving light this energy also brings us a step closer to the Divine Light.

Self healing is primarily an exercise wherein we submit ourselves to be in a spiritual connect for Divine help and guidance, again at all the different levels. The more you practice and use your positive energy or intention to hear your inner voice, the more your self healing process will become strong and steady. There are many elements affecting self healing. The forces that exist, and the energy created through these elements govern our emotional, physical, and spiritual existence.

So is self healing really as important to be done on a daily basis? That is from day one and for the rest of our life? How often do some of the Reiki Practitioners practice self healing? During this entire read did your own answer to what self healing is come through? Did you make a mental note of the time spent in self healing? How did it make you feel – ‘Okay? I practice enough’ or is it ‘Gosh! I need to spend more time in self healing’? You probably know by now what your plan of action should be in the coming few weeks.

Easy Self Healing Session 

  1. Center yourself, invoke your gratitude and connect to your higher beings that guide you.
  2. Draw the Reiki symbols you’re attuned to or the symbols you feel most comfortable with
  3. Take a blank piece of paper and write down how did you life look before and after Reiki energy
  4. During this sitting read what you wrote and see if you feel there has been a difference. You’re able to write about yourself, relationships, career or anything that came across in your thought process.
  5. If you are satisfied,  thank Reiki and come out.
  6. If you’re not happy, connect to the energy of your Higher Self and take a couple of deep breaths which will lead you to a question – “How can I improve myself?”.  Wait for the answers. Jot them down as you start receiving the messages (remember you are tuned in to the healing frequency all this while) and trust them. They are for the highest good of all concerned
  7. You may even feel particular Reiki symbols popping up which will help you in clearing your blocks.  I personally sync rather well with HSZSN and Zonar, be it in my personal healing or that of others. I feel a good connection between those symbols and they always tell me where exactly the blockage is. If you don’t feel guided, ask for a particular Reiki system your practice or a symbol. Pay special attention to your intentions and how you formulate them. Discover what intentions best work for you and your body.
  8. As you realize it and have written down all the messages that had come to you. Come back to yourself. Breathe as much possible till you feel you have come out of the state. Say your thanks.
  9. Maintain a journal during self-Reiki sessions. After a while you will see the progress you made and it’s an amazing way of discovering your true being.
  10. Always remember, it is wise to get back to the 21 days self cleansing processes once in a while (like once in three to four months).

Reiki being primarily about self healing and a method to facilitate the Law of Self Recovery, as a channel we love to spread the joy of Reiki to other people or even fellow Reiki channels aiding them in their soul evolution. It feels delightful to me whenever I am sending Reiki to someone. So, self-healing, as stated in the opening paragraph, is the ultimate act of self-love. When you heal yourself, you love your body, mind, and spirit in a way that is pure and divine in nature. If you can learn to love yourself to this degree than you can easily take that love and apply it to everyone else. 

Self-healing needs to be a primary thing for any Reiki practitioner. Many times practitioners put this practice aside and never start it while they’re only healing others. There can also be a belief that the gift of healing is only meant to be shared with others and while you’re healing others you are a good person. Reiki healing might be a worthy goal for some, but the important thing too is that you do your own healing work. It is also acceptable if you’re learning and self-healing on your own. It is always the best to learn in the way that’s most suitable for your well-being.

When we’re healing ourselves at the same time we’re automatically showing others a way too. By healing we’re making the world a better place with healing feelings of separation in the world. If something affects one uf us it will affect us all. Each person that is healing, also heals the collective consciousness a little more. It is important to note that we are all connected and that we affect our environment. Our energy is like a little wave that spreads across the world and shares our well-being with each person that has the same energy wave.

It is important to note that while we’re not healed, we can’t heal others too. This may sound bad to some people since their desire to heal others is big and with good intentions. Encourage yourself to find the time to have a quality self-healing process. Reiki healing will not avoid any place that needs to be healed, especially if it’s considering your body and your spirit. Don’t rush sharing Reiki with others while you don’t have a quality inner work.

Reiki Healing

Many healers identify as empaths that have really strong emotions. Sometimes this identification is what draws them to Reiki healing. At the same time being an empath is something that can make a person afraid to practice. Being an empath is not easy and incorporating Reiki in your life can help you in overcoming your emotions as an empath. Sometimes they even struggle to cope with ordinary life, because of overwhelming feelings and emotions. Empaths tend to make decisions that are not processed enough. Their beliefs can sometimes lead them to thinking that they’re not important enough and these thoughts can be very deep and negative. This is why Reiki healing and being an empath connects well, while the energy takes care of overwhelming feelings and makes life much more enjoyable and easier. If you decide to share healing with others, it will help you to do so without feeling drained or tired.

Doing your own healing is allowing the Reiki energy to help you find balance and harmony in your own life. Working with Reiki principles and daily meditation will settle your mind and give your inner peace a boost. You will know what is best for you and while having balance and peace in your life you will be able to heal others too. Healing also requires hope and each person has their own inner work to be done. This can be a long process, but in a long term really rewarding and successful. While an amazing thing is to have intention to heal others and, the most important thing is that you heal yourself first. You will be a stronger healer if you devote your time to yourself and then to others. By knowing your power limits and knowing how to regain your energy, you will be a stronger person.

Reasons To Do Self Reiki

Sometimes we need a little motivational spark so we can keep our daily Reiki routine. Regular life obligations sometimes leave us exhausted and feeling like we don’t have the time to do the things we desire. Self-Reiki often gets put in last place and people find it hard to understand that Reiki can have a big impact in their lives. The most important thing is to pratice Reiki daily for a long time. Recently I realized how much I use Reiki and here are a few important reasons to help you motivate so you can set few minutes aside each day for your self healing.

  1. The greatest effects and benefits of Reiki are cumulative. The more you practice Reiki   daily, the better you will feel in every aspect of your life. Your mental, emotional and physical strength will build up. Using Reiki every day helps your remove bad emotional energy that you might come across throughout your days, it also helps in removing toxins that might be in your system.
  2. Self-Reiki daily routines help you understand Reiki better and reach a new level of energy. You will get to know your mind and your body which will lead you in having a better control over your life. The more you practice Reiki, the better you will understand your mind and your inspirations with Reiki.
  3. Daily Self-Reiki helps your head in keeping it crystal clear. Your decision making will improve because making decisions is always easier in a peaceful state of mind.
  4. Don’t forget to treat yourself with Reiki. Having few minutes of peace in a day is more than enough so you have a clear soul and a peaceful mind. Pausing for a moment and being kind to ourselves is always needed.
  5. Human touch is always necessary and sometimes we forget what our body needs. We need it to be mentally stable. Self-Reiki offers a big chance to receive and welcome touch. It eases symptoms of depression and anxiety and helps us calm our nervous system.
  6. Self-Reiki helps to soothe any healing crisis we may have such as colds, viruses, injuries and surgeries. Energy sent through Reiki can help in healing and improving your recovery time.
  7. Daily Self-Reiki helps us to slow down! Despite the common reasoning that we don’t have time to take 5 or 10 minutes for self-Reiki or meditation, when we begin regularly doing these practices, life seems to slow down and make way for them. Additionally, you will find that your mind calms and doesn’t feel as frantic to keep moving once you make this a habit.
  8.  Your inner peace will have an impact for the people around you. You will interact more friendly, patiently and have a better understanding towards your co-workers, children friends, parents etc.