Self Reiki with The Violet Flame Method

This meditation called the Violet Flame technique is something that I learned years ago from my trusted Reiki Masters. It’s an effective way of combining meditation and spiritual enlightening. It is a refreshing technique helpful in recovering your energy and solving stressful situations that you might come across on your daily routines. It is very calming and gives us an healing effect. It only takes a few minutes and it can serve others as well as it can serve you. The whole process is really quick and feeling the results is always quick.

The Violet flame is an existing energy that lives with us and is able to heal and release energies out of our system. It is a wonderful technique of transmutation of the energy and it helps you understand about the whole process as well. Energies that are ready to move out of your system will be taken care of by the Violet Flame.

If you’re planning on incorporating this technique with meditation stand in front of a mirror and let the Reiki energy flow. You’re able to start the directing the flow from your hands and beaming the energy from your eyes.  Allow the focus of your eyes to connect with your Crown Chakra where you need to set your intentions of the Reiki energy flow. Ask the Violet Flame to assist you with this.

Make sure you’re sending the attention to the right direction and the Third Eye while you’re repeating this steps. Do this process with each chakra until you’ve reached your Root Chakra. Direct the energy towards your hands and the Violet Flame towards the right guidance of the energy. You can also do this whole process for you feet too. You feet are connected with Mother Earth and they have a connection of peace and love.

The Violet Flame method involves and embraces your whole body. It may feel like you’re clearing away any remaining energy that might feels loosened. Always let yourself to let that kind of energy to as it will only bring you down. The Violet Flame should always lift you back up to the light and happiness. Feel the peace that’s going through your body and your mind. While you’re having that feeling take a couple of deep breaths and continue with the process.

You might want to do this version of the Violet Flame between healing sessions with clients. This way you will assist them in releasing energy that you might have picked up during the session. It’s a form of energy hygiene and for the most part it is recommended to focus on the head, heart or hands areas and then for the end a full body energy clearing.

After finishing this exercise successfully, you chakras should be opened and active. At the same time you will feel balanced, cleansed and extremely relaxed. Reiki reaches through time and space, with no boundaries and with no distance limitations. It is available for us all the time and if we’re open to the energy we might have a better experience with it.