30 Things We Connect with Healers

Being a healer is a true blessing. Healers are connected and strong. They are present and they are among us. Their higher cause is to always be around someone who needs their help even if they sometimes neglect their needs. Most healers have a small recognition status because they don’t dedicate much time to themselves. Test yourself by reading these signs and see if some of them are connected with you. You might also be a healer!

When we’re destined as healers, we spend a lot of our life knowing that we’re different from others. We become aware of our abilities and talents that many people don’t have. The same is being psychic. Knowing things about people, seeing or hearing guides, making people feel happy even if we don’t know how we’re doing it.

  1. People experience calming feelings when they’re close to you
  2. People that are close in your physical proximity rarely get sick.
  3. You’re always thinking of improving and how to improve others.
  4. You might be diagnosed with disorders such as anxiety and panic attacks.
  5. You have a strongly developed empathy towards people.
  6. Someone in your family was a healer and you are sharing their energy.
  7. You feel nervous when you’re in public places.
  8. Sometimes you feel tingling in your body for no reason such as random chills or warmth radiating from your core.
  9. Strangers feel your energy and can open up to you.
  10. You are great at massages, even though you had no training for it.
  11. At times you have neck and shoulder pains.
  12. You have a great passion for being outdoors.
  13. You incorporate crystals and stones into your life
  14. You have an interest towards spiritual science.
  15. You have a deep connection with animals and they feel your energy.
  16. You think of solutions for others to make their lives better.
  17. When you walk into a room you instantly feel positive/negative energy
  18. You’re always looking for natural based healing methods and don’t have much appeal to alternatives such as westernized medicine.
  19. Sometimes you put needs of others in front of your own
  20. You have energy bursts that you can’t describe
  21. Experiencing occasional migraines and digestive issues
  22. You have a strong interest in Spiritual Healing Methods such as Reiki – Shamanism, energy healing and so on
  23. You always connect people even if you don’t have the intention to
  24. You often feel overwhelming feelings as you offer your help for too much people
  25. You’re very sensitive and you might recognize yourself as an empath
  26. You might experience healing visions which connects to being psychic
  27. Dreaming vivid dreams with a lot of symbols that might represent something
  28. You simply feel a spiritual calling towards helping people
  29. Sometimes you’re highly indecisive
  30. You attract sensitive people

How to know in the end if you’re a healer? Other healers tell you are. If you recognize yourself in these signs while someone is advising you’re a true healer, you’re on the right path. A healer will recognize your true potential and he will share experiences with you. Often we don’t believe the first person who says it. The most important thing is to stay on the right path.