Simple Ways

9 Simple Ways for Fitting Self-Reiki Into Your Daily Routine

A common problem for Reiki Practitioners is they can’t find enough time to do daily Self-Reiki. Schedules can be hectic and people tend to forget about these things but some even say they don’t do Self-Reiki at all. Your body will be thankful for Self-Reiki even if it’s for a couple of minutes a day. It still counts and here are some creative and simple ways to try this:

1.Practice self Reiki while getting prepared for sleeping. Just place your hands wherever you feel it’s most comforting and let yourself get into a state where it’s gonna be such much easier to fall asleep. Not only you include self Reiki into your day but you have a better chance of falling asleep quickly.

  1. When you’re browsing the internet there is a good chance that you’re in your comfort zone so doing self Reiki in that time is recommended.
  2. If you have a morning meditation routine set few minutes of it for self Reiki. But on the other hand if you don’t have a morning meditation routine set your alarm earlier and do self Reiki when you first wake up in the morning. It’s a refreshing way to start the day.
  3. A good time to relax is when you’re watching TV, take the advantage of the fact that you’re sitting still and try to do self Reiki when in that state.
  4. Waiting in lines highly test our patience. Take the opportunity of a challenge and test your patience. There are many lines that we come across in our daily routines so by placing one hand discreetly on yourself will give you a good dose of self Reiki.
  5. One of my personal favorites is while cuddling with someone. I place on hand on the person I am cuddling and one hand on myself and let the Reiki flow. We make a big Reiki healing loop and everyone benefits.
  6. Deep breathing with chakras. Place your hand over each chakra and take 3-5 deep breaths as you let Reiki energy go through your body, this is recommended to do as often as you can and the more you do it, the better results will be.
  7. Nature loves Reiki so we can all agree that the love goes both ways. This is a crowd’s favorite of doing Reiki because we connect life with nature. Try to lay on the ground and do self Reiki, since you’re closer to the ground you will feel the energy from the nature and it will have a bigger impact on your healing experience. In nature we can walk, sit or lay and in every state we can use Reiki in a proper way.
  8. If you like reading, whether it’s an article, textbook, magazine or something online that is a great time to practice self Reiki since there is some quietness and harmony around you. Give yourself Reiki while you read and you’ll feel the results right away.

Don’t forget that daily self Reiki is cumulative and the effects it offers are often subtle. If you’re practicing self Reiki in the long run get yourself pumped with energy and you’ll see some biggest results you ever made. These simple ways will help you and you’ll be thankful for trying them out.