Sleep Better

How To Sleep Better With Reiki

Personally, I do not subscribe to the standard 8-hour sleep requirement theory. In my observation, adults have varied sleep requirements. Some need a solid eight to nine hours while others do perfectly fine with five to six hours. I feel what matters more is the quality of sleep that we have. Waking up feeling well rested and ready to take on another day is what counts. Trust your body’s signals with respect to the number of hours of sleep it needs and then add quality to those hours.

It has been observed that people who have learnt Reiki or have undergone Reiki treatment for sleeplessness are able to enter a completely relaxed state and enter deep sleep in moments. Its great to get the desired sleep, that has a refreshing effect on the body as well as on the mind. It also has been noticed that, even after just one session of Reiki therapy the insomniac people often sleep better as compared to the other days.

How to Sleep Better (Tips):

  1. Eat dinner at least three hours prior to bedtime. Keep it light and nutritious. A heavy dinner eaten late strains the body, thereby hindering the quality of sleep.
  2. Bless your food with Reiki before eating.
  3. If you enjoy making use of crystals and their energy, consider creating a Reiki-charged crystal bed. Cleanse and charge quartz crystals with Reiki by holding them in your hands or by beaming them with Reiki.
  4. Avoid watching television for at least a couple of hours before bedtime. If possible, eliminate watching television from your evening’s schedule. Television stimulates the mind and finds it hard to settle into sleep.
  5. Milk lovers can drink a glass of warm milk before settling in for the night. Milk promotes restful sleep. Remember to bless your milk with Reiki before drinking it.
  6. Try to get into bed at approximately the same time every night as this helps in preparing the body and the mind for sleep. 
  7. Once you are in bed, all you need to do is a Reiki self healing treatment. You will begin to relax and drift into sleep. Take care not to make this your regular self healing schedule as falling asleep everyday during self healing will leave your healing sessions incomplete. It is important to note that this is not a substitute for your regular self-healing.