Higher Guidance

12 Steps For Reaching Higher Guidance

One of the biggest parts of Reiki is our ability to heal ourselves. We are a big channel of energy and every piece of energy we send is because the energy inside of us is flowing good. While we’re practicing Reiki we also become channels for spiritual guidance that lead us into reaching our divine light.

Higher guidance is not something we’re able to receive right away. It is a state we are able to reach when we’re ready for it. It is our wisdom and knowledge that leads us into having a higher guidance of our true beings. As Reiki Practitioners we are all connected and reaching this state is sometimes really hard. People tend to get buried with a lot of stressful and negative emotions that sometimes makes us feel locked in our physical body. When we’re able to reach a good meditative state with a good connection to the energy, we’re also on a good way of connecting to the higher guidance. It often seems like we’re receiving higher guidance from other people. The main thing is that we’re actually receiving this guidance from ourselves. When we’re able to search the wisdom that is within us we will be able to stay in contact with higher energies. A lot of spiritual guides can also help us in everything we’re experiencing in this state. Angels, Spiritual Guides or Masters are always able to help and you should count on them the same way you’re counting on yourself.

Reiki Technique for Reaching Higher Guidance

  1. Find a place where you would feel comfortable and where you would feel peaceful
  2. If you prefer some aromatherapy, include it in your session. Some candles or incense sticks can help immensely.
  3. Draw one large Master Symbol in the middle of the room/area you’re at (only if you’re attuned to the Mastery Symbol). Set your intentions for the positive energy to enter your space. Make sure you clear all the negative energy before you start doing this session. Level 1 practitioners can open their palms so they’re letting the energy in for a couple of minutes. Level 2 practitioners can use the power symbol for the energy to activate.
  4. Make sure you draw the power symbols all around you in the area you’re guided to. Reiki beginners can open up their palms to the areas they’re also guided to so they keep a good energy flow.
  5. Sit comfortably and start working and invoking the Higher Energies. Visualize a big ball of light that’s protecting you and keeping your energy safe. Then call upon your Spiritual guides or whoever you resonate with. Follow your intuition and your choice will be the right one.
  6. Be patient for the connection you’re about the receive. Connection with higher beings doesn’t come right away and while you’re connecting you might experience some big shifts and changes in your energy levels. The room might feel a little warmer and you will be able to feel the energy coming closer and closer. This is just a possibility because some people feel only a sense of peace and harmony.
  7. Be aware of the issue for you to receive a higher guidance. State aloud your questions if you have any and establish a communication with the higher energies and beings. When you’re done talking, just relax and allow the energy to flow. Do not hesitate to receive the energy, if you’re ego is taking over the whole experience will be in vain. When we are in a relaxed state of mind, we receive the best guidance of our purest nature.
  8. Your spiritual guidance will come in a form of strong feelings and clear thoughts. Trust your gut and your feelings. If they are your guide, you will have the best possible experience with the Higher Beings. Sometimes you can even feel a soft voice speaking to you. Trust your experience with the energy and let it take over. Don’t overthink the whole process and use your true guidance that is meant for you. Remember that you’re doing this in a room that is filled with high energy levels and there is no room for doubting or overthinking.
  9. As you’re receiving your guidance you might have more and more questions that are coming up as you’re feeling the energy. Feel free to ask as many questions as you can and communicate with quality. Continue with the conversation when you have your questions answered.
  10. Some people are not able to process all the information they receive right away. That is totally fine and don’t struggle with it too much. Express your feelings and the Higher Beings and force will understand it. The whole process will be much easier if you sleep a night or two on the mind set you’re currently in.
  11. Sometimes we’re able to experience the guidance but we are also expecting answers that we only want to hear. If this is happening, talk to your guides and communicate about your problem. If the guidance is not comfortable don’t force it just make peace with your problems in your sleep state while you’re relaxed and open to the energy without your ego interfering.
  12. Lie down and relax after the session. Thank the Higher Beings for their presence and their work. Welcome the higher connection with gratitude and blessings. When you’re done drink some water and continue with relaxing. Finish the session with some deep breathing and yet again thanking the Higher Beings.

Always have in mind that higher guidance will only come when you’re ready for it. Positive thoughts and feelings are a big part of your life and reaching a higher state will only come when you have empowered and loving feelings in your body and your mind. Keep up with the Reiki Practice because practice makes perfect. Whenever you have any questions talk with your guides or your Masters. After a while you will be able to answer your questions on your own and guide yourself to the higher being you truly are.