Distant Reiki Treatments

Distant Reiki Treatments

When you get attuned to the 2nd Degree of Reiki you will have a more powerful connection with the Universal Life Force. It will also provide you new possibilities and new tools that could open new creative ways for your practice and your spiritual path. Becoming attuned to the 2nd Degree you will grow mentally, physically and spiritually and at the same time you will be able to heal more efficiently. When you have advanced to the 2nd Level of Reiki, distant Reiki treatments are available for your use using the Sacred Symbol – Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. This means you can send Reiki energy anywhere and anytime in the world. You can send Reiki to events in the future or in the past, even people and animals that are on the other part of the world.

Distance healing treatments should not be complicated and it is almost the same as the sessions in person. The most important thing to have is a quiet place where you can focus your energy and send it wherever you need to. With a little information you can send Reiki healing to anyone that is in need and with doing it in the right way you will send the best vibrations and energy you can possibly send.

Distant Reiki treatments use the similar format as the one “in person” use. If you incorporate aromatherapy or crystals in your normal session you will also incorporate them in your distance sessions. If you’re using Sacred Symbols for blessing the room you will also do this when doing distant Reiki treatments.

To have a successful distant session and to share great experience with a person who is a virtual stranger you need to have some understanding with the issues you’re dealing with. A phone call will give you a good overview of the things that your client needs and you don’t need to know too much details. A broad description is fine while Reiki energy always goes where it needs to go. The energy flow will stay intact if a good connection between two souls are established. A healing treatment will also be successful when there’s good communication and understanding.

Before you start the session, make a phone connection with your client. Remember to make a phone call with the person and make some notes before the treatment. Keep them in mind when you’re doing the session. Make sure you note and ask some things like:

1.What is your primary health concern? Is it physical? Emotional? Spiritual?

2.Have you had medical treatment for your issue? What type and for how long? Give them a reminder that Reiki energy is not a replacement for professional medical treatments.

3.Have you experienced some kind of energy before?

4.Did you have experience with Reiki before?

5.What goals do you hope to attain using the Distant Reiki treatments?


Make sure your client is aware of the whole process you’re about to do. Don’t promise miraculous recoveries that include serious medical problems or long time depressions and anxiety. Start with sessions that last about 30-45 minutes, the initial session should be 30 minutes or something close to it. Tell your client what is Reiki and what should they expect with the energy they’re about to receive. When you do a couple of successful sessions with a satisfactory result follow up with often sessions that will make a good connection between you and your client. If they are feeling the energy after a certain time encourage the clients to become attuned to the Reiki energy. This can improve their lives and lead them in having a good spiritual life full with good energy and enlightenment. 

Important thing to do also is to schedule a time for the treatment and instruct the client for finding a comfortable place where they’re gonna be available and ready for receiving the energy. It is important if your clients have good intentions while they’re receiving healing. Guide them through correct breathing so they can cleanse and relax their mind. Make sure you give them guidelines throughout the whole session and let them know when the session begins and when exactly it ends. Phone them when the session is finished and ask them how are they feeling, as I already said a good communication is really important for a successful Reiki session. Make sure your client is feeling comfortable and relaxed. There is no need for rushing the energy and making the client feel uncomfortable. If the client is relaxed and focused on Reiki, the results will be good. 

Distant Reiki Treatments For Animals

Sometimes the recipient is an animal – someone’s beloved pet who is experiencing physical or behavioral issues. A history of when the issues started and notes of any changes in the household (like new pets, absence of a family member, a relocation to a new home) can be very helpful. Someone the client ask for you to give healing to his/her pet. The pet is probably experiencing behavioural or physical issues. A background story when the issues started can be very helpful. While Reiki energy is powerful if an animal is having a medical issues it is important to note that veterinary care is obligated and in need for immediate attention of a professional.

Always make sure you note that Reiki is not a substitute for proper medical treatments but it can relax and assist the animal with a more comfortable recovery. Having a photo of the animal is great, but not essential. Connecting to an animal at a distance is not usually difficult. As with any distance session, you must be relaxed and open to the connection. When you’re healing animals as per Reiki etiquette you also need to ask for permission when you’re connecting to an animal. Most animals welcome the energy and are open to anyone that has good intentions of healing them. The results will be successful when you’re feeling the energy of an animal. This way the connection will be powerful and unbreakable.