Triple Layer Protection Shield

We daily come across people that carry positive energy, negative energy or neutral energy. Shielding is important while it leaves us protected from negative vibes and dark energies. The protection shield repels lower energies and gives us a high vibration aura field. People with low energy may unconsciously absorb other people’s energy that will make you feel totally drained and exhausted. There are also ones who will feel envious of your positive energy and they will develop an evil eye towards you. Be sure to stay protected when you encounter these people.

Personally, shielding is something that I do as soon as I start my day. When I wake up I instantly shield myself. Before any of my family member step out of the house I activate a shield on them too. I always protect any type of transport as well. I have 2 personal favorite shielding methods and I use them regularly.

First one is extremely simple.

Call upon Archangel Michael and ask him to wrap his wings around you and your loved ones. You will instantly feel protected and it will follow you throughout the whole day.

The Triple Layer Protection

  • Imagine a big circle or a big cocoon in front of you. Step inside it and if the shield is used for long distance, imagine the person inside this cocoon.
  • Imagine a White light layer around your cocoon. After that imagine a Golden light layer next to the white one. The next step is imagining a Violet Flame layer next to the golden one. Now you’re inside a of a cocoon that is protecting you with white light, golden light and violet flame. Draw a Cho Ku Rei inside the cocoon so you fill it with Reiki energy. Make an intention that this shield is impenetrable from any negative energy and that only positive are things are allowed inside. All negative things that are directed towards you shall burn off to the light.
  • Program the shield by stating, “This program can be reactivated or deleted only by myself. This shield shall last for next ________ hours. To activate the shield, I shall just intend SHIELD UP.”

You don’t need to do this procedure daily. Just intend your shield is activated and it will work. You should make a new shield on a weekly basis.