Using Crystals

Using Crystals With Reiki

Using Crystals and incorporating Crystal Healing  is not essential for Reiki Treatments. Some people are comfortable in using the and they find crystals to be useful for their practice and sessions. Crystal healing is known for enhancing the effects of Reiki and empowering the session with the power they hold.

If you are open to using crystals in Reiki, you will have to choose a different crystal for each chakra. It is possible to place crystals near or on the body. Following crystals are used for different body parts: If you’re planning on using the crystals, you will have to follow the colors of each chakra represented in the body. It’s welcome to place the crystals near the body or even on the body. Mentioned below are Crystals Used for certain body parts:

Stone/Crystal positions:

1.Quartz Stone – Crown area

2.Dark Blue or Purple stone – Forehead area

3.Light blue or green – Throat area

4.Rose Quartz stone – Heart area

5.Moonstone, Peridot stone – Solar plexus area

6.Tiger’s eye or Amber stone (Golden) – Abdominal area

7.Deep colors (Obsidian, Hematite) – Pelvic area

Why are Crystals Connected to Reiki?

Reiki Masters incorporate crystals in many different ways. Crystals always need purification before cleansing. After purification, hold them one by one and start making a crystal channel so the energy is able to flow. First Degree practitioner will focus on channeling the energy through the crystal while the Second Degree Practitioners will use the sacred symbols along with the crystals for channeling the energy. After you’re successful in channeling the energy you can place a particular pattern for the same. An example for this is Star of David Pattern, which has a layout for placing crystals with one for foot and one for head. Other four important points lie on the shoulder and the hip area.

Using Crystals

There are many different patterns for experimenting with crystals and you should try many of them so you can see which one suits you the most.  When you’re channeling the energy with Reiki through the crystals you will make a positive atmosphere that will encourage your spiritual approach. When you’re using crystals you’re also improving your visualization skills and the focus you have when doing the Reiki sessions. If you’re an expert in crystals you can always help your clients with the appropriate crystal form for their issues. Always guide them in the right direction and if they show interest in crystals, teach them!

If you want to expand your Reiki practice, crystals can really be a good way of expanding the Universal Energy in the right direction. Reiki and crystals definitely complement each other in the right way and by using both of them you can’t go wrong or have any negative experiences.

Healing with Crystals

It is known that crystals and gems have healing properties that can be used in different treatments. Crystals always channel the right energy in the right directions while they’re also encouraging positive thoughts and a healthy mindset. Healing properties are different for every color and you’re able to use them for various problems in the client body. You will feel where the energy is necessary and it is important to let the energy flow in the right direction, where it will serve you the best.

Most common technique used by people is to put Quartz crystals around the body of the recipient. That creates an energy grid and a platform where Reiki Energy is able to transfer and enhance. It can also be used for distance Reiki sessions where the recipient’s name is written down (for example on a piece of paper) and the Quartz crystals are spread around. There are many ways of distant healing and writing symbols while holding the crystal is one of them. That begins the distant treatment and empowers the energy to flow. Some people also use a unique way of combining Reiki with crystals by placing the crystals on the body of the recipient. This way the crystals balance the chakras and let the energy flow go in the right direction.

There are many different ways of using Reiki and different methods that work well with the energy. Try them out and see what method suits you the most. The energy you receive will always be positive and will leave a light in your spirit.


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